Jack White Street

SH2116 Step 22

Today I start with the courtyard wall and gate. The most distant edge of the upright wall is made bluer so it will recede. The front portion, closest to the viewer is painted with a warmer adobe color to make it advance forward.

SH2116 Step 23

The double gate is blocked in with a mix of Pthalo Blue + White. Wiggly willow twigs fill the opening in the panels. More White is added to the basic mixture to highlight the portion of the branches illuminated by the sun shining through.

SH2116 Step 24

Working around the side of the canvas I block in the Trumpet Vine cascading over the arch. Bet you’d like to know about the rainbow and sun face peeking around from behind my easel!

SH2116 Step 25

These are our diaries. When we traveled and moved all over the country everything we owned fit in or on top of our car, a Ford Explorer. So conserving space was paramount. We love windsocks, so Jack came up with the idea to write events in our lives on the streamers with a permanent Sharpie pen. All of our travels, moves, important happenings and cruises are recorded there. Whenever we want to know when we did what, all we have to do is rustle through the streamers. If you decide to do this use the thicker, fine point Sharpies, the ultra fine ones will fade over time. We found that out from experience, I had to go back and rewrite a bunch of stuff a few years ago!

SH2116 Step 26

OK, back to work. After painting the flowers and foliage the deep centers of the individual blossoms are indicated with a mix of Alizarin Crimson + Liquin. Now Mr. Chippers has a place to land. Maybe he’s checking out a good location to build a nest!

SH2116 Step 27

Coreopsis fills the terra-cotta container in the niche beside the gate. Do keep in mind, if you’d like to see any of the images larger just click on the picture.

San Antonio Jack White Street

About 6 months after Jack and I met we were talking with one of his friends, Dan Berry. When there was a break in the conversation Dan turned to me and asked, “Well……how many times has Jack taken you down to see ‘His Street’?”

I looked at Jack and exclaimed, “STREET! You never told me you had a street named after you!” I insisted he take me the very next day and I just had to snap a few pictures. This is in downtown San Antonio, near La Villita and the Courtyhouse. The funny thing is when I was doing Medical Illustrations I worked freelance for an attorney whose office was right around the corner. Even though I passed the intersection every time I met with him I’d never noticed Jack White Street! How’s that for being observant? Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


9 Responses to “Jack White Street”

  1. Peggy Black Says:

    love this…

  2. joannecali Says:

    He was an amazing artist and personality in Texas. Is the painting you’re working on here, called “Jack White Street”? Joanne

  3. Patricia Ann Says:

    Mikki, when you paint the trumpet vines do you let each color dry before painting the next? Like the red and then the leaves and then the lighter and then the centers… I just love your work! And I love walking down memory lane with you. Your pictures of the Love Of Your Life (Jack) are wonderful and I feel your pain and your love that is never ending. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to learn from you. May God Bless.

  4. Janet Zeh Says:

    Love the dairy on the windsocks idea – how creative and just like Jack to think of it. And what a great pic of Jack with his street sign. I would probably not have noticed the name of the street either to be honest.

  5. sotxgrannie Says:

    I remember those streamers in the hallway of your Abrego Lake home! … Miss you guys. And I’ll have to look for Jack White Street! Central Parking is at the corner of Jack White and Neuva. 🙂

  6. pierceclark Says:


    You are so gracious sharing little tidbits of Jack’s life with us.

    God bless you.

    Hugs! Donna

    FROM GLORY TO GLORY (2 Corinthians 3:18)

  7. roxannesteed Says:

    Mikki, I am just learning of Jack’s passing. I’m one of many artists that has benefited from his advice – way back in 2005. I am grateful to you both. Sending my condolences and love and best wishes to you. Your beautiful spirit carries a great spark of his soul!

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