SH2216 Step 27

The table top is tile. The surface is painted with warm whites made of White + Ultramarine Blue + Cadmium Orange. The mix used toward the back edge has more Ultramarine Blue, that used at the front has more White and Cadmium Orange. Then perspective lines are drawn into the wet paint with a fine liner brush. These lines act as a subtle pointer, directing the viewer’s gaze to the marina in the background.

SH2216 Step 28

The wine bottle and glasses are now completed. My wrist is braced on the mahl stick to steady my hand as I place the highlight on the rim of the glass.

SH2216 Step 29

The floor is also tile. The light and shadow pattern on the terra cotta pavers is first painted. I carefully work around the chairs and table, I don’t want to lose my original drawing. Fortunately the sketch is dry so I can wipe off any paint the covers over it.

SH2216 Step 30

Perspective lines are now pulled into the floor. I’m using different vanishing points than on the table, so the lines are on a different angle.

SH2216 Step 31

OK, just what do I mean by the title of this post, “LEGLESS?” Well…. one of our followers asked why I wasn’t showing the legs on the chairs in the painting? Actually I am, they just will extend over onto the lower edge of the canvas. If I showed enough of the courtyard to include the entire length of the legs on the front surface we wouldn’t have had nearly as much room for the water, the main focal point. I figured the water was much more interesting than the chair legs.

SH2216 Step 32

So here is the setup to paint the bottom edge of the gallery wrap canvas. All of our studio furniture is on wheels so everything can be moved easily. That’s Jack’s desk and computer by the window. I’ve grabbed his chair and placed the painting, which is mounted on cardboard, on the arms and back. Then palette and trash bag are moved to convenient working spots.

SH2216 Step 33

Here we are from a little different angle. You can see placing the canvas on the seat back makes it easy to work on the surface of the lower edge. You might want to enlarge the picture to see the details better, just click on the image. Oh, the container that I’m using for the paint thinner is just another kind of water bottle, our grocery store changed the design!

SH2216 Step 34

After the floor and lines separating the individual tiles are finished on the lower edge, the legs are drawn into the wet surface.

SH2216 Step 35

This angle shows how the furniture extends over the side. It does take some mental gymnastics to figure out the perspective of the floor lines, as well as that of the chair and table legs.

SH2216 Step 36

Originally I was going to make the cushions a deep teal. But once I got the water and terrace finished I realized the teal would not offer enough contrast. Making the seats a rich Magenta Purple accentuates the water. I’ll be planting in our next session, we’ll see some big changes when we get the bright flowers in the foreground! HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


5 Responses to “Legless?”

  1. bonita austin Says:

    something different. I like it.

  2. Kathryn Riemersma Says:

    Mikki, thanks for creating and showing us such beautiful spaces. I really like how you do such gorgeous interpretations of your subjects. I have to admit that when I first started following your blog and you’d paint such lovely exotic locales, I thought that much of the beauty came from the place. Living in the upper midwest, I particularly enjoyed watching this painting develop. It is obvious to me now that the beauty in your paintings has so much less to do with what (or where) the scene is, but instead is an outward expression of your soul and your wonderful ability to find that beauty and share it with the world. So glad that you walk the earth with us and wish there were more like you. Kathy from Iowa

  3. Jeana Says:

    Beautiful..love the purple seat cushions!

  4. Martha Slater Says:

    I am so grateful for your detailed explanations and I learn so much from following your work. Thanks for explaining the legs! I also love seeing your studio space and how you’ve organized your materials. How smart to have wheels on all the furniture! I look forward to each demonstration.

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