Quintessential Taos

SI2316 step 24

Hollyhocks are some of my favorite flowers. I probably like to put them in my paintings because they just won’t grow for me here in central Texas! The blossoms and leaves have been blocked in, now I’m coming back and highlighting the crepe papery flowers where the sunlight illuminates them. Various mixtures of Permanent Rose + White are used.

SI2316 step 25

I let a few blossoms fall to the rough paver walkway.

SI2316 step 26

Morning Glories tumble out of the window box. The blooms are combinations of Magenta + White and Magenta + Ultramarine Blue + White. Heart shaped leaves are made of different proportions of Viridian Green + White. I love the shadows cast by the foliage, making lots of hearts perfect for a painting celebrating an anniversary!

SI2316 step 27

Deep centers in the Morning Glories are made of Magenta + Liquin.

SI2316 step 28

The Geraniums are roughed in with my usual sequence of Flowers First, Leaves Last. I work over, on to the side of the gallery wrap canvas. I have to be careful to completely cover the sharp edge, sometimes the paint doesn’t want to stick to it.

SI2316 step 29

Flower buds are added to the individual Geranium blossoms. Please remember, you can enlarge any of the images by clicking on the picture.

SI2316 step 30

NOW….here’s another surprise for Marge. When I asked her what flowers she liked best she replied, “Any that have butterflies around them!” So here’s another butterfly for her, one of my favorites…..a “Painted Lady”!

SI2316 Quintessential Taos 14x14Quintessential Taos        14 inches by 14 inches

We don’t want our pretty winged visitor to be lonely, another one floated in to keep her company! Marge’s special Anniversary painting is finished. We’ll let it dry a few days and it will be off to it’s new home! Thank you for visiting our studio, hope you’ll come back soon. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


8 Responses to “Quintessential Taos”

  1. Tami Baron Says:

    I love the peek-a-boo window and, of course, the whole painting. 😍

  2. Zenobia Says:

    Awe so peaceful !

  3. Martha Slater Says:

    Lovely. Wish I could paint alongside you. The butterfly symbols are a nice statement. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. Lesley Mills Says:

    So beautiful, Mikki! Makes me smile!

  5. Janet Zeh Says:

    Such a pretty scene – I love the blue! Beautiful, serene and gorgeous color contrasts.

  6. mjspringett Says:

    thank you so much for inserting part of me into this painting, you are truly gifted and we pray for your happiness and good health

  7. Tracy Wild Dachenhausen Says:

    How splendid! I am want to live in one your paintings. Peace be with you regarding your dear Jack. Thank you for sharing your talent. The painting you did for me, a beaded cow skull, is a favorite which always enchants me.

  8. Doris Nickerson Says:

    I love your work and have enjoyed reading Jack’s writings over the years. God Bless You and know that he is in the most beautiful place and looking down on you.

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