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It’s amazing, even though several weeks have passed since God took Jack home to be with him in Heaven I’m still receiving messages of love and support. You all have been so wonderful in helping to keep my spirits lifted. You’ll never know just how much I appreciate your comforting words and virtual hugs.

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This Friday, September 9 at 1 PM we will honor Jack White and Celebrate his incredible life.  A Master Artist, Author, Teacher, Coach, Mentor and Friend to so many. Only God knows how many lives he has touched. Just to remind you, the Celebration of Jack’s Life will be held at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, located at 6914 Wurzbach Road in San Antonio.
JW Happy Jack Road
It makes my heart glad knowing Jack is whole, healthy and happy again now that he is with Our Lord. I hope you can come share in our love for Jack and celebrate his new life in Heaven. But if you can’t attend in person please keep us in your thoughts and prayers at 1PM on Friday. Have your own celebration, honoring this amazing man who has touched us all with his giving spirit. God Bless You,

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18 Responses to “CELEBRATE JACK WHITE”

  1. Linda D. Says:

    BIg hugs to you! That picture of him with ‘Happy Jack Road’ just makes me smile. I think when we share pictures and stories of those we love, they continue to live among us. Thanks for sharing Jack with those of us who weren’t lucky enough to meet him.

  2. Chris Newell Says:

    Iam there in spirit for Jack & you Mikki…Hugs back atcha.

  3. Elaine Says:

    Sending to you a very warm hug from New Zealand! Reading Jack’s newsletters helped me through a very hard time staying with my path to paint! I loved his honesty and inspiring messages, his generosity is very much appreciated, thinking of you, Elaine

  4. Wafaa Says:

    I wish i were there by your side on that day…God bless his soul. it’s very wonderful how you have helped so many people with painting so far, My thoughts are with you with very warm hug, Mikki.

  5. Janet Zeh Says:

    I love these pics – especially the one of you and Jack. So much love is evident which has been shared with all. I will be with you in my thoughts, but I wish I could be there with you on Friday in person. What an amazing man! He still lives on in the lives he touched in his generous way.

  6. Alice Cox Says:

    Hi Mikki: Yes, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers this Friday as you have the Celebration of Jack’s Life, and I will do so beyond Friday, too. Looking at one of Jack’s paintings today on his website, entitled, “Collie”, I was impressed with how he made the painting better than a photo could ever be. You can actually feel the collie’s rough mane fur, its warm dog breath, and its tickly whiskers! (We have a tri-color collie, and a black cat.) May God bless you!

  7. rpillai2012 Says:

    God Bless you Mikki,

    I am so glad you met and married. You and Jack are in my prayers. You look so beautiful and he so handsome!


  8. Hilda Thurman Says:

    Sending you heartfelt love and prayers. So appreciate all the talent that you and Jack have shared with the public. You will never know how many lives you both have made better because you have lived and shared.

  9. Corie White Says:

    Hi Mikki…I just wanted to send comforting wishes to you and family. Jack made such a contribution to the art world and I even have a couple of emails from him that he took the time to write and guide me in my work. I will always remember him.

  10. Joseph Murray Says:

    Hi Mikki ! I will be exhibiting at a art show in Omaha, Ne. this weekend–so I will not be able to attend Jack’s Celebration of Life Event . You can rest assured he will be in my thoughts and prayers just as you will be . He was a mentor of mine and guided my art career and helped me form my painting style . So a bit of Jack will always be alive and well in my paintings . I am so happy that he is at rest and whole again . Jack made the world a better place and I know that you will also Mikki ! God’s speed to you !
    Joseph Murray
    Wayuga Art
    Jefferson, Iowa
    “Where serenity is a way of life”

  11. Roxanne Steed Says:

    Sending much love to you from CT. I’ll be thinking of you all on Friday – I am so grateful to you both!! {{hugs}}

  12. Gonny Says:

    Hi Mikki, I found my own way to celebrate his life, I will be opening my workplace with some people that took op lessons from me in the past , we will celebrate the opening of my workplace tomorrow at 16.30 Dutch time in Nunspeet and I will tell them about Jack and the impact that he had on my life and the result an opening of my workplace with a gallery attached ! Yesterday sold an other painting….with all the all the advice from Jack ringing in my ears…and mixed a lot of paint for a next one…thanks to you and Jack and your photo’s and knowledge of color…
    Big hug Mikki ….9 September will be a memorable cherished day to so many…

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Dearest Gonny, What a wonderful way to pay tribute to “Our Jack”. Congratulations on your opening and the sale. I know Jack is smiling down from Heaven seeing how your hard work has paid off. We are so proud of you. HUGS, Mikki

  13. Zenobia nln Says:

    My thoughts and prayers will always be with you! He is the cowboy in the sky! I was always reading the manuals, and to this day I have not given up and still paint. I love your work of course, Mikki! Love, Zenobia in Denver.

  14. Betty Pieper Says:

    Mikki, Don’t be surprised that people will reach out for a long time because you were both so generous with opinions (Jack) and mentoring (both of you). Those books and posts live on to help people. Although I do not paint in anything like the style you both used I often recommend your blog/site. I smiled to see Jack with some of my favorite brushes! And I was not surprised to think that some of that straightforward, crusty ethics and morality had a link to Lutheran as well! Be well and know that Jack is too. Your best tribute is to ‘soldier on’ doing what you love and did so well together. Betty Pieper

  15. Andrea Holbrook Says:

    It will be a tough day for you tomorrow. Stay strong and remember all of the good times you had with Jack and that he is now free from pain. Your continued painting lessons keep Jack in the minds and hearts of other artists. Know that your sharing means a lot to many.

  16. Jo Allebach Says:

    Bless you. He was fortunate to have you in his lie as his mate. Enjoy your celebration. Thoughts will be with youin your loss.

  17. Jen Beebe Says:

    My husband Bill Beebe (an artist) and I always looked forward to Jack’s posts as they were enlightening,honest and very interesting! He was a gem and we are so sorry for your loss! Keep up your wonderful painting and blog posts which we enjoy following! Jen Beebe

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