Oh my goodness, what a Celebration! September 9th dawned crisp and clear, a special day just for Jack. My heart melted when I saw the beautiful banner our church, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran, had prepared for Jack’s service. You can see how pictures were projected on the wall above the alter. And speaking of pictures…. SILLY, SILLY ME….I totally forgot about having someone take photos at our Celebration Service and the reception at our home afterwards. Fortunately in this day of cell phones almost everyone attending snapped a few shots and were more than happy to share them.


Pastor Chris Kennedy gave a wonderful message. One really neat thing he did was share the history of the Apostle’s Creed. He made the analogy the Apostle’s Creed is to Christians what the Pledge of Allegiance is to Americans. The words….The resurrection of the body and the life everlasting…..assure us we will see our loved ones again in Heaven. What a great comfort.


Grant Teaff, former Head Football Coach at Baylor University, was like a brother to Jack. Grant is an amazing speaker, we were all mesmerized by his heartfelt words.


The two have been best friends since 1972 when Grant asked Jack to design a new, uplifting image for the Bears. Here is Jack’s painting of the PROUD, POSITIVE and DETERMINED Baylor Bear. Today it hangs in the Teaff Suite at the new Baylor Stadium in Waco. When Jack introduced me to Grant and Donell in 1991 they welcomed me with giant hugs. I was instantly made part of their family.

Jack White Celebration VIDEO: Part 1 Tim Eickstead, Director of Operations at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, was so gracious to make a video of our Tribute. Now those of you who couldn’t attend can join in the Tribute to “Our Jack”.

Jack White Celebration VIDEO: Part 2

Jack White Celebration VIDEO: Part 3

Again I’d like to thank Pastor Chris Kennedy, Pastor Doug Bielefeldt who was in charge of the music, Paula and Sarah our singers who sounded like Angels, Tim, Elaine, Grant and everyone who came offering love, hugs and support. Thank you for making this Tribute to Jack a true Celebration.


Al Kolodziej and Grant. Al and his wife, Elaine, are the owners/publishers/editors of the Wilson County News. We met them when we lived at our previous home in Floresville and have become good friends. Elaine also gave a beautiful tribute to Jack. She took these pictures at the church. Somehow she managed to escape having her picture made.


When the Service was over we all headed “Back to the Ranch”! Karl Massey, Sarah Jarvis and Lesli McBride plopped down and got comfortable in the rockers on the deck. Don’t forget, as you read through my blog, you can enlarge any of the pictures by clicking on the image.


“Angel Ann” Wylie is a dear friend who Jack and I met soon after we had gotten together. She’s been a real “Angel” in our lives. Don’t know what I would have done without her these past few months. Leslie, in the picture above, is Ann’s daughter.


Dallas and Christie Jarvis are our granddaughters. Sarah Jarvis is their mom and Karl is Dallas’ boyfriend.


When Les Herrington was a young boy, Jack lived next door to his family. Jack bought Les his first pair of contact lenses, then he let the 14 year old drive his brand new Jaguar! How’s that for a good neighbor? Jennifer Young is an artist we started helping with her career many years ago. We are so proud of how successful she’s been both as an oil painter and a mom! We just wish her husband Dave and daughter Eva could have come.


Grant’s daughter Tammy and her husband, Russ Bookbinder, are on the left. Back by the mirror are our neighbors Panna, Amy and Destiny. Our friend Carolyn is beside Grant, she took most of these pictures at our home. I’m visiting with a couple from Kenedy, TX, Maggie and Truett,  who have a fine art gallery there. Jack has given them advice over the years. Grant laughingly said he is the original Cookie Monster and was trying hard to not reach out and eat them all!


After the reception Dallas and Christie decided to go see “Jack White” Street in downtown San Antonio. Patrick, Christie’s boyfriend, is on the left. The girls’ Uncle Damon, Jack’s son, is on the right. So we had a great day of Celebration for “Our Jack”. Several of our friends stayed for the weekend, everyone headed out Sunday afternoon. I’ll admit…I was just plum’ tuckered out! I think the last few months have finally caught up with me! Fortunately I’ve had wonderful friends, family and Our Lord to help me through this tough time, thanks to every one of you. With GIANT HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

13 Responses to “It was a CELEBRATION!”

  1. Chris & Connie Newell Says:

    Thank you so much Mikki…..Rest a while. You are Loved,


  2. sotxgrannie Says:

    So very lovely, Mikki. It is such an honor to know you and to have known Jack — even more to be able to call you our friends. We are truely blessed. Elaine and Al

  3. harriettsart Says:

    Thank you, Mikki, for sharing this celebration with us. For those of us who never knew Jack personally, but admired him for a long time, it was a privilege. I will continue to follow your painting and life. You are such an encourage. Let us encourage you and pray God’s comfort, guidance and blessings for you.
    A Texan in Idaho,
    Harriett Masterson

  4. Christine Says:

    so sorry to here about your loss.

  5. Dallas Jarvis Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post! We really did have a nice time and made great memories. I hope we can come back again soon, I sure like Texas!

  6. Alice Cox Says:

    Mikki, thank you for sharing Jack’s Celebration of Life service with those of us who couldn’t be there. What a beautiful and inspiring service! May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  7. Marion hAMILTON Says:

    I know you through your e-mail paintings and so I also know of Jack. To see an artist’s work is like knowing them as a person and so I am wishing you the very best and will watch for your paintings and will know then that you are alright. Keep painting. Love.

  8. Debbie Hunter Says:

    Thanks Mikki for sharing! I feel like we knew Jack! What a testiment to him!

    Jim and Debbie Hunter

  9. Gloria Clifford Says:

    What a precious tribute to a man whose heart was as big as the state of TEXAS! From the moment that I met Jack, although we never actually met in person, I just loved him! His generous spirit and wonderful stories about his life as an artist….and the stories he shared about YOU also, dear Mikki, were so inspiring. Every woman should have someone who loves his lady like Jack did you! Jack was one of those people none who knew him, even from afar…. WILL NEVER EVER FORGET….he left his mark on so many of us and changed our lives forever. Thank you, for being at his side……. for loving this wonderful man, for being there through thick and thin alongside him. He was and always will be your true soul mate……and I believe he looks down upon you dear lady….. and sends you mountains of kisses each and every day!

  10. Cathleen Battles Says:

    Sounds like a really wonderful day….tho physically & mentally exhausting.


  11. Margie Thornton Says:

    Mikki, thank you so much for sharing this video, Tribute to Jack…A celebration of his life. I am so sorry I couldn’t attend the wonderful service. I am so fortunate to have known Jack. He is such a special gentleman. He will be greatly missed and his memories will be forever be carved in my heart. I can hear that infectious laugh right now. Please rest and know that you are loved. Hugs….. Margie Thornton

  12. Delilah Smith Says:

    Thank You for sharing

  13. Jan & Michael Schwarz Says:

    Mikki, thank you for sharing Jack’s life celebration with Michael and I. You made us feel included in the ceremony. Look forward to seeing you when you’re next in Sonoma County.
    Jan & Michael Schwarz

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