Sissie is a Happy Girl


Our baby has become a HEAVY DRINKER. Thank you for all of your suggestions. We went through this a year ago, that’s when we started giving Sissie Tuna Water. I think she has just gotten tired of it. We discovered what worked best this time is canned food in the Chicken/Turkey flavor with extra water added. My, oh my, she is begging for it. You can see her saying, “I love my new treat, it’s YUMMY! And her little insides are working purr-fectly.

I appreciate your help. Y’all are GGGGRRRRRREEEAAAAATTTTT! Hugs,

4 Responses to “Sissie is a Happy Girl”

  1. Says:

    O happy day! Glad to hear it! We had a glorious day drove over Independence Pass to Aspen n back n are almost to Buena Vista our home away from home. Happy Painting! Love,P n D

  2. Alice Cox Says:

    I’m glad you found a solution to Sissie’s problem !

  3. smart281 Says:

    Hi Mikki, I hate to say, but sometimes consistent or heavy water drinking sometimes a red flag for the beginning stage of feline kidney disease…a blood test would tell you for sure. Hopefully not, but worth checking into. I love your little Sissie Girl. Sheila McFather, Denver


    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Thank you Sheila,
      In the post from the day before I had mentioned that our sweet Sissie had to go to the vet because she hadn’t drank ENOUGH water and was constipated. So it’s good she’s drinking LOTS of water now, her insides are functioning properly! I appreciate your concern! She’s had all the tests and is fine. HUGS, Mikki

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