Putting Ideas Together


Santa Fe Art Collector, the gallery that represents my work in Santa Fe, sold 4 paintings last month. Talk about INSPIRATION! I’ve got to get busy filling the holes on their walls. My commissions will have to be put on hold for a little bit.  I frequently get asked how I come up with ideas for my pieces. For this painting I browsed through my “Santa FE” folder and just started picking images that excited me. The picture above will be the basis for my newest painting, I especially like the shutters and little tiled roof over the door.


We took this in Taos years ago. Aren’t those big, blue ceramic pots cool? The property was for sale, if we’d had more time I would have loved to look at it just to see the rest of their garden!


The Philodendron in the mix of flowers in this container will add a tropical look to my blue pot in the painting.


If you’ve followed my blog very long you know Geraniums are some of my favorites. And I really like LOTS of them in pots all lined up in a row!


So armed with these four pictures I grab my sketchbook, along with a Sharpie pen, and begin putting my ideas together on paper. When doing a piece that is not for a specific client the sketch is not quite as finished as one I’d make for a commission. This shows my thinking process, you may click on the image to enlarge it. I decided to make a corner with the door on one wall, the window on the other. Virginia Creeper or Sarza, as native New Mexicans call it, will cascade over the little tile roof. The light will pour into the courtyard from the upper right, I put a little sun there as a reminder. I was in such a hurry to get my ideas down that I got the perspective wrong on the window. But don’t worry, I’ll make the correction on the canvas. This piece is going to be 20 inches tall by 24 inches wide, painted around the edges on a gallery wrap canvas. We’ll begin work on the canvas in our next session. Hope to see you then. Hugs,

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5 Responses to “Putting Ideas Together”

  1. Hilda Thurman Says:

    Congrats on the 4 paintings sells in one month!

  2. Donna Barati Says:

    Thank you for all your detailed posts. I really enjoy seeing the process from sketch to finished painting and all the helpful steps along the way!

  3. Susana Says:

    So wonderful! I admire you so much. I’m happy to receive your sharings, your mails.

  4. Bob Ragland Says:

    Cool that you show your thinking and planning process. Cheer!!!!

  5. Cathleen Battles Says:

    I like this painting!


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