So many have asked, “How are you doing?” You don’t know how much your love and concern is appreciated, I consider all of you my friends. Well, I have my moments but overall I’m doing much better. One person wrote, “Do you talk to Jack?” YOU BET, ALL the time! It’s funny, after being a caregiver for 8 years it took me awhile to figure out what “I Wanted to DO!” Now I’ve gotten into a regular routine of painting, walking and gardening. Plus several friends are making sure I get out and about. God has so blessed me with wonderful people like you in my life. It really has made this time easier. I have such fun memories of Jack’s and my years together, plus knowing we will be reunited again in Heaven one day gives me peace.


Fortunately Jack taught me to live one day at a time, not allowing uncontrollable events to blemish our calendar with a black X. When we first got together he said, “Mikki, we may not be able to control what happens to us but we can control what we do about it. Just because something bad happens we don’t have to let it ruin our entire day. Let’s make up our minds to have NO BAD DAYS.” You can imagine our delight when we found this T-shirt in St. Croix.


And….. we had to get the matching tote bag as well!  Our philosophy is being put to its greatest test. Oh, how I miss him, but I can’t even mark a black X on July 15, the day God took Jack home. How could I when the love of my life is whole again and experiencing the glory of being with Our Father in Heaven? God has a new path for me and I feel Jack’s legacy of helping artists now rests on my shoulders. I’m here for all of you.


I decided to make this sign of one of Jack’s Whiteisms, “Today is a GREAT day to have a GREAT day!” For those of you who haven’t read his Art Marketing Books, his words of wisdom are sprinkled throughout the manuscripts under the heading WHITEISM. I must see this at least a hundred times a day, it helps me to stay upbeat and positive.


Also have this picture on our refrigerator. Now….how can you look at this without smiling? It was taken when we lived in Midland, Texas; we picked up the pinata at a roadside vendor. Jack named it “Fluffy Pinata”! SO….. HAVE A GREAT DAY! BIG HUGS,

23 Responses to “NO BAD DAYS”

  1. Bruce M Pope Says:

    The smile on your face in the first pic says it all!

  2. roxannesteed Says:

    Sending much love to you Mikki! Your posts are always uplifting and inspiring! – thank you!!

  3. Martha Says:

    Thank you for an inspiring post about your life with Jack. I lose my mate of 55 years in February and find great comfort in your comments..

  4. bonita austin Says:

    Am glad that things are looking up a bit. I can’t draw a straight line but I do enjoy your missives and love the paintings. Love to you.

  5. Ana Guerra Says:

    Mikki, so sorry to hear that Jack passed away, My late condolences. I don’t know how I missed knowing because I always read your emails and enjoy looking at the progress of your paintings. You are very inspiring to those of us that are trying to paint as well as you do. Please know that I will have you in my prayers. Live on those wonderful memories of you and Jack, I am sure there are many.

    Have a Great day.


    Ana Guerra

  6. Alice Cox Says:

    It’s impossible to look at that picture of Jack holding the piñata without smiling! Thank you for sharing it, Mikki. You are in my daily prayers. May the peace of the Lord be with you always.

  7. Terri Says:

    Thanks for always giving your followers and friends a positive message. Your attitude and talent are much appreciated.

  8. bobbielovell Says:

    Mikki, I am Bobbie Lovell and a Tennessee girl. I am 74 and have been painting for 40+ years. In 2003 my Connie died. She was our only child and a nurse. She died after 10 years of suffering. Needless to say I was lost. I would walk to my studio, sit there and think “Why am I doing this?”. After a series of happenings, I realized that through my paintings a nursing scholarship could be provided. I now have my 6th scholarship recipient who will graduate in the spring from UT.I also write poetry. The local historical society asked to publish a book of my paintings and poems. The proceeds from this project also goes to the scholarship.My heart still aches, but I can once again smile a genuine heart felt smile. I laugh at my memories and wave as yellow butterflies flit by.”Well have a road to travelIt will be filled with steep ascendsRapid declinesHairpin turnsAnd a few scenic vistas.”I think you and I will continue to smile while we paint the things that touch our hearts.Bobbie

  9. Betty McLean Henderson Says:

    You are truly an inspiration to all of us. I pray for your continued peace and knowledge that you will be together with Jack one day. No Bad Days.

  10. Christopher Newell Says:

    Ok…”Back to the Easel” Hugs Backatcha and life IS an awesome Gift. Isums are good for the soul. Love You Mikki!

  11. kryspettit Says:

    I have all of Jack’s books–got them years ago — and I still refer to them. His lessons have also been a great help for me as I handled the marketing and reaching goals for my husband, Tony’s, voice-over business. I know what it is like to have a great partner in business, love and life. You were and are blessed and I know he looks out for you each day. Many hugs to you and thank you for your wonderful blog.

  12. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    Thank you for sharing! You brought a smile to my lips and a tear to my eyes, but you and Jack had a very special relationship and by your sharing I now realize no matter how bad my day gets, “It’s a good day”. May God Bless.

  13. Terry-Ann Says:

    This was very helpful for me to read. I am dying from a serious illness that is excruciatingly painful. Prior to getting ill I was an artist. But that ability was stopped instantly and I miss painting desperately. Reading about no bad days and Jack’s take on it … no matter what life delivers … gives me some peace. Thank you for sharing this. Love terry-ann…in Canada

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      I wish I could reach out and give you a huge hug. My heart breaks thinking of the pain you are having to endure. I feel so helpless to find the right words, but I do know Our Lord is holding you close. Cherish the good moments and try to let go of the awful ones. You are in my heart and prayers. With love, Mikki

  14. Elizabeth Pollio Says:

    You are so brave, courageous and blessed to have such faith. You’re words of wisdom that he has written is going into my brain as I read it. It gives me options at how to look at my days. So he has passed onto me some true words that are so wise. Love to you every single day. Hugs

    Elizabeth pollio

  15. Jo Castillo Says:

    My heart goes out to you and yours. Thank you for sharing your art and incites into life and continuing to share Jack’s wit and knowledge. You bring happiness to us and inspire.

  16. susanartart Says:

    This is GRAND but I must say, the very BEST THING for you is that you are painting and painting with such joy.

  17. Ray Dane Says:

    It is amazing that God can take a person who needs to be encouraged and use that person to be the encourager for so many others. Bless you Mikki. You are joy-filled and it spills over to others who need more joy in their lives.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Thank you Ray, I feel God is allowing me to continue on with Jack’s legacy and ministry of giving encouragement to others. What’s interesting is I’ve discovered it helps me so much in the process. I’m very blessed. Big Hugs, Mikki

  18. Jody Says:

    I went back to work after my husband passed away – it eased the pain. Now I’m back to painting and I enjoy your work and posts so much. Thank you for sharing. Bless you!

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