Painting Splash


Splash’s coat is painted with several different mixes of Ivory Black + White. The highlights will be different from my reference photo because the light is coming in from the upper left. Therefore the right side of his face, as he is looking at us, will be in shadow.


His collar is a deep wine, burgundy color. It won’t show much but that little pop of color under his chin adds interest to the painting. I’ll come back later and do Splash’s tag.


Splash’s moustache is a little warmer than the rest of his fur. Right now this is my under painting, the whiskers won’t be nearly as brown when I’m finished.  Also the hair under his nose needs to be darker.

VIDEO! Jack always said the eyes are the soul of the portrait and taught me his special technique for painting them. Come follow along as I paint our sweet fur baby’ eyes.


Splash is pretty much finished. I may need to come back and glaze the white on his chin, it might be too bright. I’ll get the rest of the canvas covered and then decide. I didn’t put much detail in the hair on his front legs, I don’t want them to pull attention away from his face. If you’d like to see this or any of the other pictures larger just click on the image. We’ll begin work on Matt in our next session. HUGS,

One Response to “Painting Splash”

  1. Andrea H Says:

    Looking good. My niece just did a black lab portrait and put a reflection of the former owner in it’s eyes.
    so touching .

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