Painting the Live Oak


Still “Painting Forward” I begin on the next layer of the landscape, the distant oaks. These are made without a lot of detail so they will fall back. The part of the Bluebonnet field in the distance is just roughed in to give me a “Ground Line”.

VIDEO! Painting the majestic Live Oak Tree. In the spring the oaks are covered with pollen, making them turn a warm, grey green. Of course those who suffer from allergies don’t like this season, but I love the way these incredible trees look. Nice thing about paintings, our collector can enjoy the spring color of the oak without any sneezes. The foliage mixes are different combinations of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + White. I add a bit of Cadmium Yellow into the lightest mix to highlight the areas of the massive tree’s canopy that are illuminated by the sun.


I still have a little more to do on the large Oak but I want to get the Bougainvillea blocked in before the sky gets too dry. The tile roof is painted first so the Bogie can cascade over it.


A special color is pulled out for the Bougainvillea, Permanent Rose. The brand I use is Winsor Newton WINTON. Mixed with White it is perfect for the hot pink bracts of this prickly, but beautiful, plant.


The leaves are made of another color that is not normally found on our palette, Viridian Green.


That’s our painting for today. Hope you’ll come back and watch the next session, I’ll be working on the Bluebonnets! HUGS,

2 Responses to “Painting the Live Oak”

  1. Kate Pearce Says:

    Fantastic to watch you work. each brushstroke is placed so confidently, and is perfect. when I paint, I put it on , fiddle with it, muddy it, scrape it off. Start again! You’re so fluent and sure.

  2. April Bending Says:

    Hugs back to you!

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