This weekend I was invited by former Baylor Head Football Coach Grant Teaff and his lovely wife, Donell, to join them at the Bears/TCU game in Waco. Jack and Grant were like brothers, Coach spoke at the Celebration of Jack’s Life. Ann Wylie, Jack’s and my longtime friend, came with me. Here we are with the sculpture honoring Grant at Grant Teaff Plaza.


On our way across the bridge over the river to McLane Stadium. We’ll get to watch the game from the Teaff Suite, one of the skyboxes on the upper left level of the stadium in the background. If you’d like to see any of the pictures larger just Click on the image.


Ann and I with Donell, Grant and Jack’s Gold Leaf  EchruseosBaylor Bear“.


Jack did this piece for Grant when he first became the head coach at Baylor in 1972. It was the beginning of a long, wonderful friendship. In fact, they both considered each other brothers. I’d like to share something Grant wrote:

“I have realized that Jack’s name will always be remembered, because of his name on paintings and books. However, Jack’s life will continue to positively affect you and hundreds who have been privy to his teachings, wisdom and sincere love for all. Today, tomorrow and forever his influence will continue like the ripples caused when a pebble is dropped in smooth water. However, in Jack’s case, his life was a boulder.”

This is so true, don’t you think it’s beautiful?


During the game Grant, College Football Hall of Fame coach and Emeritus American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Executive Director, was honored with the National Football Foundation (NFF) On-Campus Salute as the 2016 recipient of the NFF Outstanding Contribution to Amateur Football Award. The Award has been presented annually since 1974 to those whose efforts to support the NFF and its goals have been local in nature or who have made significant contributions to the game of football either to the manner in which it is played and coached or to the manner in which it is enjoyed by spectators.

“Grant Teaff has had a profound impact on college football during six decades of service to the game,” said NFF President and CEO Steve Hatchell. “From the players he coached at McMurry, Angelo State and Baylor, to the countless coaches he helped mentor through his work at AFCA and his many contributions to the game of football through his work as an NFF Board Member, he has truly helped shape some of our country’s brightest leaders. We are honored to recognize him at McLane Stadium.”


Donell, the quintessential Coach’s wife, enjoying one of Baylor’s touchdowns during the game. Unfortunately they were few and TCU won the game. That was the only negative during the entire magical weekend.


Walking to the car we stopped to look back at the new Baylor stadium. The reflections danced and sparkled on the water almost as if to say, “Watch out next week, our Bears will be back!” I’ll be back to painting in our next session. Just thought you’d enjoy sharing in the little vacation my dear, dear friends treated me to. I am so very blessed. HUGS,

10 Responses to “BAYLOR FOOTBALL!”

  1. Andrea H Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your time with your old friends. What a beautiful stadium.

  2. Peggy and Leon Says:

    so happy for you!
    Peggy Black

  3. Deb Haney Says:

    I’m glad you had a little getaway! I’m sure it was wonderful to see such good friends! What special words and memories of Jack!

  4. Lynn Edwards Says:

    Hi Mikki, I’m new to your blog but followed Jack’s writing for years. Grant Teaff’s words are so true, but I would venture to say that the number of people Jack influenced actually numbers in the thousands. Every artist I know is familiar with Jack’s many columns and books, and in my own case, I’ve taken much guidance from his words over the years. In fact, I’m reading one of his books right now. And now as a new subscriber I’m enjoying your posts as well. I wish you all the best!

  5. Rob Pitzer Says:

    What a great time – – for all there!!

  6. Alice Cox Says:

    What a nice treat for you! I’m glad you had a fun weekend.

  7. Phyllis Snyder Says:

    So nice to hear about your exciting weekend and your friendship to the Baylor coach and getting to see Jack’s artwork and see him be honored. We will be in Baylor next weekend for our nephew’s wedding. He is marrying such a beautiful young lady who’s dad if the new mayor of Waco.

    Looking forward to your next painting blog. I’m learning a lot of things from you. Much appreciation.

  8. Angelica Says:

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us. It appears you had a really nice visit and fun at the game. I hope you will remember to do this often…you deserve it.

  9. Anita Johnson Says:

    That was so great. We always hope the Bears win.

  10. Dave Hatch Says:

    WOW !! I’m so proud to say I’m in the same Bible Class as Little Mikki !! Now I need to see some of the writings from Jack. And at circle prayer time at Sat nite service, she gives me a hug; how blessed am I to even know this beautiful woman.

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