New Garden Project


I’ve been working on a new project in our garden. This area between our back deck and the barn has been bare dirt ever since we moved here. It’s too shady for grass to grow; I’ve gotten tired of fighting weeds and muddy feet. That’s Molly chasing a lizard down the railing.


SO……..a two level terrace was my solution. The beds on either side of the little walk are planted with Asiatic Jasmine that will fill in pretty quickly. The platform to the right of the paver path is the base for a fountain. If you’d like to see how our garden developed over the last two years from an empty yard filled with rocks, weeds and trash CLICK HERE.


The paver “Area Rug” will be a perfect spot for a little bistro table and chairs. A nice quiet place to lunch, read or work on the computer. Please remember as you go thru my blog you may click on the pictures to see them larger.


Here is the view of the back yard from the new patio.


I had a little bench here that was made of all our extra pavers. But now they are my “Area Rug” so I found this delightful red one to take their place. Molly loves to sit here with me in the evening.


The Salvia (Mexican Bush Sage) is blooming like crazy.


Our fall tomatoes are almost ready to harvest. Hopefully we won’t get an early freeze! You can see the rose arbor in the background. The variegated agaves throughout our garden are great-grand-babies of some we had in our yard in Carefree, Arizona. Every time we moved I would take a few babies to our new home.


Tomatoes on the right, Blue Mist in the planter on the left. The butterflies love the fluffy blue flowers. It had just rained when I took the photo so no butterflies were in sight. But when the sun is out they are like a cloud of fluttering wings hovering around the blooms.


Looking toward our fountain courtyard from under the rose arbor.


All around the garden we have all sorts of “Happies”, gifts that friends have given us over the years. A gallery owner we helped in North Padre Island gave us the turtle. The ever blooming Bluebonnet was a present from Angel Ann who went with me to the Baylor Game. What fun to look around the garden and feel the friendships blooming right along with the flowers.


Sissie loves to stretch out on the deck railing to survey “Her” garden. I think she likes Mr. Swannee because this seems to be her favorite spot. A few more “Happies” hang on either side of the opening to the upper deck. Thought everyone would like to see what’s happening here in our garden. Hugs,

14 Responses to “New Garden Project”

  1. Brie Dodson Says:

    I do so wish that Jack could be here to enjoy the new garden project with you. Blessings upon you for keeping on. Warm regards, Brie

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Thank you Brie, Jack is here with me in my heart. And he’s looking down from Heaven and enjoying our special garden. I have to move forward. That is what Jack would want and fortunately God has provided me with lots of paintings to do. Busy is the best thing for me. I appreciate your support. Blessings back to you, Mikki

  2. Martha Slater Says:

    It is lovely. Looks so serene and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. bonita austin Says:

    You definitely have a green thumb. I can’t believe what you’ve been able to do in a few short years. Lovely.

  4. Ellen Lisle Says:

    Beautiful garden. Very peaceful.

  5. Deb Haney Says:

    What a wonderful retreat you have right there in your backyard! A lot of hard work and love went into it all! The details in the pavers and plants are absolutely beautiful!!!

  6. brendaforeman Says:

    Absolutely a sweet haven, beautiful sanctuary.

  7. Peggy and Leon Says:

    You have a gift at this…

  8. Susan Says:

    Lovely, your have reaped the benefits of all your hard work! I think we as artist are always trying to make our world a better place.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Susan, I think you are absolutely right. We have control over our brush to make the world as we want it to be on our canvas. And the garden is just an extension of that. Jack and I always felt this was our “Resort”, a retreat from the real world. It’s OUR world. Thank you for your kind comments and for following my blog. Hugs, Mikki

  9. Diana Fair Says:

    Beautiful. I like to see what’s happening at your house.

  10. Phyllis Warmack Snyder Says:

    So enjoyed seeing your garden project. You have been very busy and it is looking beautiful! Hope you enjoy relaxing and painting!
    Fondly, Phyllis Snyder

  11. Nina Says:

    what a transformation, Mikki!! it’s so much fun to see the before and after pictures!!! you have created a little piece of heaven in your backyard! It is growing beautifully!! and now you can sit back and enjoy it! thanks for sharing it with us…

  12. Cathleen Battles Says:

    You have the most amazing garden. I love it.

    Hope you are doing ok.

    My sister died a week ago, so we are in St. Paul.😓 She had Alzheimer’s so it was a gruesome last four months. She first showed signs on 2001 so a long, sad journey.

    Take care.


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