I hope every one of you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. I shared the day with good friends and had a great time. Panna’s food was incredibly delicious; I ate way too much. We all missed Jack but knew he was with us in our hearts and watching down from Heaven. And I definitely know he was jumping for joy when the Cowboys won!


OK, back to the easel. Growing up in the south I’ve always loved Bougainvilleas. Their hot pink bracts are brilliant in the sunlight. I pull out a couple of special colors to use, Permanent Rose and Magenta. The blossoms are blocked in with mixes of Permanent Rose + Magenta + White for the shadows. Permanent Rose + White is used for those flowers illuminated by the sun. I have to stand on a step stool to paint the top edge of the gallery wrapped canvas.


The leaves are mixes of Viridian Green + Cadmium Yellow Medium.


Now we move to the foreground courtyard. The entire surface of the floor is painted with the light and shadow pattern. I drag a few strokes of the red into the floor directly below the gate. This gives the impression of the red gate reflecting into the wet pavers.


The lines separating the individual tiles are pulled into the wet paint of the floor with a fine liner brush. You may click on the image to see it larger.


I place the canvas, still mounted on the cardboard, on Jack’s desk chair in order to paint the bottom edge. You can see how having the painting on the backing board makes it easier to handle. Molly, our rescue kitty, is in the background supervising! 


Now the fountain is dry I come back and finish the cascading water. I lightly drag the brush straight down, letting it skip and dance over the bumps of the dry paint underneath. This helps to give the feeling of water spilling over the edge into the base below.


The basic color of the basket is painted first, then the pattern of the woven reeds is delineated with a mix of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin.


A bit of Cadmium Red Light is added to the floor mixes to make the terra cotta containers lined up across the top of the courtyard wall. We’ll be planting them in our next session. I appreciate you following along today, hope you’ll come back and visit our studio again soon. BIG HUGS,

5 Responses to “HOT PINK”

  1. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    WOW! Those doors standing open are FANTASTIC! I feel like I could walk right through and enjoy the fragrance of the flowers and the tinkle of the water… You are amazing! May God Bless.

  2. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    I changed my email address and no longer get email from you. I tried to sign back up with my new gmail address but I keep getting and it won’t let me sign up unless I set up an account. Is this necessary? Please help me. I miss your paintings! Patricia Ann Ingram,, Panama City Fla. May God Bless.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      I tried to figure this out, but I don’t have a clue how to help you. Maybe one of my readers can offer some assistance. My suggestion would be to bookmark my blog and then you can just go to that to follow along. Thank you for contacting me and being a faithful follower in the past! HUGS, Mikki

      • Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

        Mikki, I think when you replied to my comment it corrected the problem because I received your latest post right after your reply. Thank you so much! I have missed your paintings so very much! May God Bless.

      • Mikki Senkarik Says:

        YEAH!!! Blessings to you also, Mikki

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