sk3316-stop-and-smell-the-bluebonnets-10x10Stop and Smell the Bluebonnets  10 inches by 10 inches

Don’t Forget, My eBay auctions for these three paintings end TONIGHT at 8 PM Central Time!

CLICK HERE to go to the auctions

sj3016-linger-a-while-10x10Linger A While    10 inches by 10 inches

sk3516-a-quiet-moment-22x22A Quiet Moment     22 inches by 22 inches

This is your last chance to WIN a Senkarik Original Oil Painting to give for Christmas. So don’t linger! The auction ends TONIGHT, Sunday December 4 at 8 PM Central Time.

CLICK HERE to go to the auctions.


One Response to “It’s Your LAST CHANCE!”

  1. Deb Haney Says:

    Oh, Mikki!!!!!

    Congratulations on how well your auctions went!!! We bid on the burro smelling the bluebonnets and lost….we were so sad, because we LOVED him and those eyes!!!!! The oak tree and bluebonnets, everything about the painting was gorgeous, as always! I had set a timer AND reminder hoping we would have a chance!

    Have a wonderful week!



    Sent from my iPad


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