That’s a Long Fence…


Before we get to building the fence I block in the pastures on both sides of the lane leading to the barn. The grass in the back is made bluer, or cooler. Moving toward the open gate the grass becomes warmer. Where the road and lawn dip down into the little valley it’s darker because the hill on the right casts a shadow across the low area.


That loooooonnnnnggggg fence is painted over the wet grass. My, Oh my. Getting the perspective on the posts and rails is a challenge. The nice thing about painting in oils is, if I make a mistake I can just scrape the paint off with my palette knife and begin again. 


On the right side I take a little different approach. Just like building a fence in real life, I set all the posts first. Then I start the rails with the top one. Please remember, you may enlarge any of the pictures by clicking on them.


Moving back to the fence on the left I begin developing the front and side planes of the individual posts. 


Now for the cattle. In one of the reference photos my collector sent there was a cow cooling off in the pond. He definitely wanted to add that to the piece. So….here is our “Cool Cow”! My right hand rests on top of my left which is braced against the unpainted canvas for steady support.


Next time you see a lake, pond or calm body of water notice along the shoreline. The sky illuminates the edge of the water, highlighting little pieces of debris and foam that collect there. Adding a little light line here and there helps to give the feeling of the water lapping up against the rocks.


The black steers are blocked in with Ivory Black. Then I add highlights of Ultramarine Blue + Ivory Black + White. The blue from the sky reflects off of their shiny black coats.


Whew! The fence and cattle are pretty much finished. Now for the gravel lane leading down the hill and back up to the barn.


Shadows cast on the grass by the cattle are completed.


The red barn really POPS with all of the greens around it. This is because Green is the complimentary color of Red. Or in other words, they are directly across the color wheel from each other. Placing complimentary colors next to each other makes them appear brighter. As Jack would say, “That’s your little lesson for today!” HUGS,

2 Responses to “That’s a Long Fence…”

  1. Angelica Says:

    So beautiful Mikki! I love the colors you have used. There is so much to appreciate in this work of art. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. Robert Sesco Says:

    I really like this composition, and you are doing a fantastic job rendering and interpreting it.

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