Peggy Martins and Sunflowers


We decided to let Peggy Martin Roses cascade over the entry post on the left side of the gate. The soft pink flowers are blocked in with mixes of varying proportions of Alizarin Crimson + White.

Here’s the Peggy Martin Rose in our Jack and Mikki kitchen garden. If you enlarge the picture (just click on the image) you can see our metal cutout in the floor of the little patio. We had this made years ago when we lived in Carefree, Arizona. The lower portion of the medallion is emblazoned with TEXAS. We hung it on our Turquoise front door. As we moved from place to place we always incorporated it into the landscape. When we arrived here Jack suggested the placement right outside the kitchen window, where I can see it every time I’m in there. Now, looking at it brings wonderful memories of my soulmate.


The foliage of the Peggy Martin Rose is painted around the masses of pink, helping to shape the flowers. Mixes of Viridian Green + a touch of Pthalo Blue + White are used for the leaves.


Now the roses are planted, we’ll set the post on the left side of the gate.


A clump of wild Sunflowers has popped up behind the gate post on the right. The large blossoms are mixes of Cadmium Yellow Deep + MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Cadmium Orange and Cadmium Yellow Deep. Mixtures of Ultramarine Blue + Lemon Yellow are used for the leaves. Would you like to know about Jack’s Double Primary Mixing System? CLICK HERE to learn more.


It’s amazing how adding the large, dark centers make these immediately look like Sunflowers, even though they are not totally finished.


The wood part of the old, half whiskey barrels is painted first. After indicating the crevices between the individual boards the iron straps holding the barrel together are drawn into the wet paint. A mix of MUD + Liquin is used.


Our containers patiently wait to be filled with bright, colorful flowers. But before we can put any plants in them we’ll need to get the lanterns and signs done. SO…I hope you’ll come back to our next session; you can help with the electrical work and sign painting! HUGS,

2 Responses to “Peggy Martins and Sunflowers”

  1. Sharu Anjirbag Says:

    Dear Mikki, Love this idea about the metal cutout ! And incorporating it in the landscape in different homes is so sweet. Love this painting too. Lots of Love Sharu Anjirbag India

  2. Judy Says:

    Fantastic painting, looks great

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