Painting Signs


Let’s get those light fixtures on top of the gate posts installed, Ivory Black is used to block them in. For some reason the lanterns remind me of British Bobbies. 


What do you think?


Even though it’s a bright sunny day I’ve gone ahead and let lights glow in the lanterns. I just like the warm, welcoming feeling it gives. Now for the signs. The background of the upper sign is completely covered with some of the shadow color remaining from the barn. Faint guidelines are drawn into the wet paint with the lighter cloud color I’ve saved. The lettering is also lightly indicated to get the placement correct, then I start painting the actual calligraphy. You can see this better if you’ll enlarge the image, just click on the picture. 


OK, got the main Southern Comfort Cattle Company sign done. Our collector had seen a sign elsewhere on the fence that read, “Bulls for Sale”; he definitely wanted to add it underneath the larger one. In order to make it a little different, I decide to use script for the “Bulls” part.


FOR SALE is made in all caps….if you look closely you can see my guidelines. As with the larger sign I lightly draw in the letters first to make sure I have room for them all.


WHEW!!! The signs are complete. It was a challenge to get all of those white letters correct.


Not sure I’d be a good sign painter, I’m way too slow. I certainly couldn’t charge by the hour, it took me almost all day just to paint these two signs! We’ll be planting in our next session! See you then. Hugs,

6 Responses to “Painting Signs”

  1. Terri El Farkh Says:

    Amazing as always!

  2. Peggy and Leon Says:

    Amazing….love this! Great job!

  3. Patrice Kelly Says:

    Always love seeing you work, Thank You. Patrice >

  4. vickie Wu Says:

    Your painting is my sun shine day.

  5. Tami Baron Says:

    Mikki what size brushes do you use for the calligraphy lettering and also when you sign your name? Thanks. Beautiful as always!!

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Tami,
      Thank you. For the lettering I mainly use two brushes, #4 Winsor Newton Sceptre Gold and a fine liner brush. I also use the fine liner to sign my paintings, when the area where my signature is going to be is painted. I do my Cadmium Red signature wet-into-wet, that makes it easier to pull smooth lines. To know more about the brushes I like to use: CLICK HERE.
      Have a Wonderful Christmas. HUGS, Mikki

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