Serene Haven


When eating cake I always save the frosting for last, bet you do too! WELL…I’ve done the same with this painting. I’ve saved the best for last, the kitties! I decided to make the little guy nestled under the African Daisies black and white. His body is blocked in first.


His intense, wide eyes are Cobalt Blue + White. After finishing his pink nose, tiny whiskers are drawn into the wet paint of his body with my fine liner brush.


Next I come back and add the pin point catch light in his eyes. Please remember, you can enlarge any of the images by clicking on the picture.


Now to the sweet little girls entranced by the butterfly. Some of the leftover adobe mixes, with a little Cadmium Orange added, are used for the kitten on the left. 


Both girls have green eyes. I painted them with some of the green remaining from the Saguaro Cactus in the background. Sunlight, streaming from behind the Sunflowers, illuminates the tips of the tiger kitty’s ears. A little of the color from each kitten is pulled down into the tile under them, giving the impression of reflections.


An Orange Barred Sulphur Butterfly floats just out of reach of the curious babies.


AND….our cake now has frosting, the fearless felines are done!

sa0117-serene-haven-36x30 Serene Haven       36 inches tall by 30 inches wide

Our three little kittens have a Serene Haven where they can happily play and enjoy a life of leisure. Working on this piece has been lots of fun. I have to tell you, all of your kind comments and compliments make my heart sing. THANK YOU, you don’t know how much your wonderful words mean to me. With big, appreciative HUGS, 

11 Responses to “Serene Haven”

  1. Lesley Mills Says:

    I love this. The kittens are so adorable; they make the painting come alive.

  2. Jen Beebe Says:

    You are so talented!!!

  3. bonita austin Says:

    They’re so cute Mikki.

  4. sandracutrer Says:

    This one really made me smile! I love cats!!! Thank you for loving them as well! This is such a bright and cheerful piece! Will you be offering giclee prints for sale?

  5. Nina Says:

    Us cat lovers, we do love our kitties, don’t we?!!! they ;do make the painting! and the flowers are lovely, Mikki!! thank you for sharing your paintings with us…I learn so much reading your posts!!!

  6. Terri El Farkh Says:

    Seeing this beautiful painting this morning is like having chocolate cake for breakfast. Love it, and the playful kittens are just as you said..Icing!

  7. Carol A. Dagner Says:

    you are the best, in so many ways, Happy painting

  8. pierceclark Says:

    This is SO rich with color. I have always loved getting your emails with these wonderful step by step photos. Oh, the joy you portray in your paintings!!!! It’s rubbing off on me. I need this joy in my life.

    Thank you so much, Mikki!!!

    Donna Pierce Clark Fine Art NEWSLETTER WEBSITE

    FROM GLORY TO GLORY (2 Corinthians 3:18)

  9. susanajardine Says:

    Love this and your darling kitties. We are in animal rescue with a 501 (c) (3) grass roots non-profit. Alex and Friends Foundation, Inc. Feral & Stray Cat Rescue. Which is now housed in the art studio/until we can convert it to a work space. Hopefully, when we
    get it up and moving (a 2 year set back here), I can get back to painting small things with kitty themes. Keep your fingers crossed. Hugs, Susan Alcott Jardine: Green Door Editions.

  10. Beverly CdeBaca Says:

    You are still doing beautiful work! First saw your paintings in Santa Fe and feel blessed to have one hanging in my living room!

  11. Cathleen Battles Says:

    Really pretty. I love the scene through the blue doors.


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