Mr. Chippers


The warm and cool rule, “Warm Colors Come Forward, Cool Colors Go Back”, even applies to snow. The snow in the back near the base of the gate and wall is painted with mixes of White + Ultramarine Blue. That closer to the foreground has some MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) added into the blue mixes to make the snow warmer.


A few more “Growies” pop up next to the Chamisa. I imagine that energetic pup will jump right over them.


Light from the lowering sun streams across the snowy road. Again, the area back by the horses is painted cooler. Moving closer to the viewer the highlights become warmer; a tiny, tiny bit of Cadmium Orange is mixed into the White. 


Mr. Chippers has flown from the tree on the left of the painting to nestle among the plants alongside the road. I think he wanted to be a little closer to the action! Foliage is blocked in with warm greens made of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Yellow Medium + a little Cadmium Orange + White. Blank spots are left where the snow will fall. To see the image larger just click on the picture.


Seed pods remain on the tall stalks of the desert Sage, they are blocked in with a mix of Magenta + White.

VIDEO! Painting Jack’s favorite visitor, Mr. Chippers! He could see the feeder from his desk. Jack would always stop to watch when he’d hear the chip, chip, chip as our pretty boy came to eat. 


The piece is signed while the paint of the snow is still wet. It would be difficult to make my signature smooth if the underlying paint was dry and bumpy. I appreciate you following along today. HUGS,

6 Responses to “Mr. Chippers”

  1. bonita austin Says:

    Love this one Mikki

  2. Cyd Says:

    Totally love this painting!!! How big is it Mikki?


    Cyd Rust

  3. Peggy and Leon Says:

    Just amazing!

  4. Janette Says:

    Hi Mikki,
    I am a new follower so would you explain what MUD is please.Also you have some nice tips and thanks for sharing, love your work.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Janette,
      MUD is a mix of Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson. We use it as the basis for many of our color mixes. To learn more about out Double Primary Color Mixing System that Jack developed CLICK HERE.
      Thank you for following my blog. Mikki

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