Painting Daisies (as well as the Floor!)


All of the pots are painted with various combinations of Ultramarine Blue + Pthalo Blue + White. A little Viridian Green is added into some of the mixtures to bring a bit of variety to the blues.


The entire surface of the floor is covered with the light and shadow pattern. Using a large Bright (Square) brush enables me to apply the paint with lots of texture. Remember as you read through my blog, you may click on any of the pictures to see them larger.


Today we are laying rough, uneven pavers. First the perspective lines parallel to the window wall are made. They are pulled into the thick paint with a fine liner brush.


Next the crevices following the door wall are made.


Having the canvas attached to cardboard makes it easier to handle. The entire unit is placed on my taboret in order to continue the pavers over the edge to the bottom surface of the canvas.


The uneven pavers are highlighted where the light catches the raised, rough edges.

VIDEO! Painting the Daisies PART I. First of all, please excuse that the window looks so out of perspective. It’s just the camera angle! I had to place the camera to the side of my easel so my hand wouldn’t cover over what I was painting. The flower pots are NOT going to fall off of the window sill! The Daisies are blocked in following my usual sequence of FLOWERS FIRST, LEAVES LAST.

VIDEO! Painting the Daisies PART II. The petals of the blossoms, centers and stems of the White Daisies are delineated in this step.


Daisies are such a happy flower. I can envision their blossoms dancing and bobbing in a gentle breeze floating through the entry garden. That’s our lesson for today, hope you’ll come back soon! HUGS,

One Response to “Painting Daisies (as well as the Floor!)”

  1. Bill Says:

    Mikki, I love following your post. They give me inspiration! Thanks!

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