A Touch of the Orient


First, I’d like to thank all of you for the advice on how to recover the files “That Molly” deleted. Armed with the knowledge I’m ready for the next time it happens. I decided this time to just move ahead with our painting. The black lacquer bench is painted with mixes of Ivory Black + White. Also a few highlights are added with a mixture of White + Ultramarine Blue. All of the foliage behind the bench was painted first, now the rails are drawn over the wet background.


The curved walk is made of rough pavers. The entire surface was first covered with heavy brushwork, establishing the light and dark areas. Irregular, curved perspective lines are pulled into the thick paint with a fine liner brush dipped in a mix of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin. When those are complete the horizontal crevices, separating the individual pavers, will be drawn with the same brush.


The needles of the Bonsai Tree are painted with combinations in varying proportions of Ultramarine Blue + Lemon Yellow + a tiny bit of Cadmium Orange. 


A small waterfall happily cascades over the rocks below the twisted trunk of the Bonsai. The “Edge” where the water drops from the upper stream over the falls catches light, so it’s accented with White + the littlest bit of Ultramarine Blue.


Jeana loves Koi, so we decided to add some in the pond. They are swimming pretty deep, we just see flashes of orange under the surface of the water. The entire unit, canvas attached to the cardboard backing, is taken off the easel and laid flat. This makes it much easier to paint the bottom edge of the gallery wrap canvas. If you’d like to know how the canvas was attached to the cardboard CLICK HERE.

sb0917-a-touch-of-the-orient-14x14A Touch of the Orient       14″ tall x 14″ wide

A big clump of African Daisies is planted by the side of the bench and we’re done. The New Mexico bluffs have A Touch of the Orient! Thanks for following along. I truly appreciate all of your wonderful comments. And please, always feel free to ask questions. HUGS,

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One Response to “A Touch of the Orient”

  1. Krys Pettit Says:

    the dove is beautiful – very spiritual feel to it

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