A Valentines’ Surprise


The Bougainvillea cascading over the adobe building is painted with several different mixtures of Magenta + White. The leaves are made of various shades of Viridian Green + White. One of the neat things about being an artist is we can make the world as we want it to be. There is no way “Bogies” would survive the Santa Fe winters. But in this painting it NEVER gets cold!


Jeana requested a touch of the Irish in this piece, so a shamrock with heart-shaped leaves resides on a tile by the door. My wrist is braced against my mahl stick to steady my hand as I paint the details. This also alleviates any strain on my shoulder. Painting full-time I have to be careful of my joints and muscles. Can’t allow them to get inflamed and sore.


Sunlight streams into the alleyway from the upper right. Looka casts a neat shadow on the wall of the entry porch.


A Dioxazine Purple umbrella compliments the Cobalt Blue door and Turquoise window.


The wall of the door jamb is in shadow. A little bit of Ultramarine Blue + White is added to the edge closest to the door to make it recede.


Our construction phase of the adobe structures is complete. I’ll be working on the “Speak-easy” door and Looka in our next session. Hope you’ll come join me!

But before I go I’d like to thank you for all of the warm messages everyone sent me for Valentines. I certainly hope yours was wonderful. My day got off to a special start. Valentines’ morning, as I began my walk, the skies were covered in clouds. We had gotten two inches of rain during the night. At the end of our street there are some beautiful mountain laurel trees that are in full bloom right now. You can see how pretty these Texas tress are in the picture above. You may click on the image to see it larger.

The blossoms smell heavenly. I wish I could somehow capture that fragrance in my blog. Well….just as I got there, taking in that amazing aroma, the sun broke through the clouds. You could see some blue sky and part of a sunlit cloud through the window to Heaven.

Let me digress a moment; Jack had been on blood thinners the past two years and was always cold. After he went to Heaven I look up on sunny days and imagine him sitting on the brightest cloud in the sky, basking in the sun. On Valentines’ morning I just knew Jack was up there on that particular sunlit cloud. It was almost like God was telling me, “Jack is safely up here with me now; nice and warm. He’s still in your heart. You’ll be together again one day.”

And to think I almost didn’t walk because it was so wet. Am I ever glad I did. I really think Our Lord pushed me out the door! HUGS,

One Response to “A Valentines’ Surprise”

  1. MarabelM@aol.com Says:

    Dear Mikki, Thank you for the wonderful and helpful pictures of your amazing paintings. I appreciate your beautiful words about the Lord taking care of Jack. Your words have impact. With love, Marabel Morgan

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