A Pretty Pup!


The Blue ceramic pot is blocked in with mixes of Ultramarine Blue + White. A little MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) is added for the darkest value. The back edge of the container is rimmed with a stroke of a lighter Ultramarine Blue + White mix. This helps to give the feeling that the pot is round.


Red Orange Trumpet vine drapes down over the building in the foreground. The warmth of these flowers makes the cooler ones of the Bougainvillea drop back.


Mixes of MUD + Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Red Light + White are used for the mahogany “Speak Easy” door. Extra White is added to the mixture for the sunlit portion of the door. 


When I originally sketched up my drawing on the canvas I covered the window area with a thin wash of MUD + Liquin and Ultramarine Blue + Liquin. It’s completely dry now so I’m able to draw the wrought iron rails over the “Glass”. My hand is resting on the mahl stick to keep it steady as I delineate the straight bars.


Looka is a cutie! I love his ears and bright eyes. Even though he has a bright White spot on his forehead the rest of his coat is not totally white. So I’ve made a creamy mixture by combining White + a bit of Cadmium Orange + a touch of Ultramarine Blue. MUD is added to the mix for the shadows. His brown spots are made from paint left from the Terra Cotta containers. Please remember as you go through my blog, you may click on any of the pictures to see them larger.


The cobblestone area is first painted with the light and shadow pattern, then I come back and indicate the crevices between the rocks. I don’t want to outline each and every one, but rather give the impression of the cobbles. If you look at a cobblestone street in real life you don’t see all of the cracks, just dark indentations here and there.


The cobblestone alley is complete. I’ve gone ahead and painted the long, strap-like leaves of the Day Lily. It’s much easier to make them smooth while the cobbles are still wet. Thanks for following along. HUGS,

One Response to “A Pretty Pup!”

  1. Anne Spies Says:

    I love all of the special friends that have been appearing in your beautiful creations lately. What a loving tribute!

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