Happy Birthday JACK!


Today, March 6th, is Jack’s 84th birthday! This was taken on his birthday in 1998 when we lived in Pacific Grove, CA near Carmel. Our dear friend, Ann Wylie, sent Jack the birthday balloons from Texas. Was he ever surprised when he opened the huge, but extremely light box that showed up on our doorstep!


Here we are with Ann, we call her “Angel Ann”, and Tony who piloted the hot air balloon we rode in Albuquerque. We went up with the mass ascension during the annual Balloon Fiesta in 1997. Talk about an awesome experience! We were a little nervous at first, in fact Jack had requested the company’s best pilot when he made our reservations. The lady he talked with said, “That would be Tony!” And he was good, we quickly realized the ride was very smooth and there was nothing to worry about. What wonderful memories.


Cowboy Artist Jack in the middle 1970ies, years before we met. This was a promotional photo he used for his art shows. And if I remember correctly it was published in an article about Jack in Texas Monthly.


Jack and I on our first trip to California in 1990. These humongous Eucalyptus Trees were just around the corner from the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The locals call the town SLO! We lived about 30 minutes from there several years later and our weekly treat was to go to the Farmer’s Market. As great as Texas is there is nothing here like the Farmer’s Market in SLO!


“THE KING OF MY HEART!” This was taken at the Atlantis Resort. We stayed there during their grand opening in December, 1998. Michael Jackson was also a guest at the time but we never saw him!


Our studio in Carefree, Arizona. This is one of my favorite pictures of Jack. I have a slide show of Jack pictures as the screen saver on my computer. Every time this one comes up I feel like he is waving at me from Heaven. Neat thing happened this morning while I was reading my devotional on our back porch. A window opened up in the cloudy sky and I could see a sunlit cloud. Very much like what happened on Valentine’s morning. I just know Jack was up there waving down to me and all of you who love him too.

Let’s celebrate life like Jack would want us to, remembering all of the great times and love he showed. God truly blessed all of us with such a generous man, full of positiveness. He certainly taught every one of us about living with “No Bad Days!” SO…..


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24 Responses to “Happy Birthday JACK!”

  1. IshaS Says:

    Sending you hugs from New York!

  2. Bruce M Pope Says:

    Thank you Mikki for sharing. I very much enjoyed this post.

  3. Christopher Newell Says:

    Thank you Mikki….Wonderful tribute to a great man…Thank you for the Teton trip too. I miss that range and my Jenny Lake. Happy Birthday Jack…there sure are a bunch of us down here running around with wet brushes and it’s all your fault! Hugs.

  4. Deb Says:

    How sweet!!! I love your tribute to Jack! As you had talked before about him being cold on the blood thinners, and you felt he was so warm sitting on a cloud with the warm sun rays. Yesterday, we were driving home and there was an opening in the clouds with the distinction of each ray coming down, and I thought of Jack….and we NEVER met him, but it made me so happy! Happy birthday, Jack!!!

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Thank you Deb,
      God gives us those special moments at the times we seem to need them most! Today is the day Our Lord has made, Let’s rejoice and be exceeding glad in it! Lots of HUGS! Mikki

  5. Sandra Yorke Says:

    Beautiful memories! Thanks for sharing. Bless you.

  6. Janet Zeh Says:

    Happy Birthday to a great man in heaven who helped so many of us. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories, Mikki!

  7. Peggy and Leon Says:

    Thanks Mikki for sharing.

  8. bonita austin Says:

    What a handsome dude! And you’re not so bad yourself. Make this a happy day.

  9. Rizwana A. Mundewadi Says:

    Mikki, …Yes, he is with you… Happy Birthday Jack! Thank you for all that you did for artists, Jack, all that will remain… continuously helping artists find their way.
    Mikki..I Wish you All the Best dear, Take Care!

  10. Corie White Says:

    Happy heavenly birthday, Jack. You’re one of a kind.

  11. smart281 Says:

    Good memories. Jack will always be with you, Mikki❣😍😇

    Sent from my iPhone


  12. eatonartgallery Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Jack! I think of you so often. My heart and prayers are with you, Mikki.

  13. sandracutrer Says:

    What great photos, Mikki. Thank you for sharing!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jack! Thank you for your huge giving and sharing heart. Thank you for being smart enough to know a great thing when you saw her, so we could all enjoy your Mikki, and her own huge giving and sharing heart as well. God bless you,Mikki. Only those of us who have lost are grieving. Our sweet God fearing and loving family members, and friends, are so much happier where they are now. I know they would not return here for anything. ❤

  14. Karen Lucas Says:

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos. I just lost my cowboy artist and pop this month. He would have been 99 on March 18.
    I feel his watching over all who loved him. God Bless you, Mikki.

  15. juliarossen Says:

    I love Jack’s books on painting, and see his love for you all through him. So sorry for your loss!

  16. Fran Says:

    A love story for the ages. Just warms my heart. Thank you!

  17. Alice Cox Says:

    Mikki, thank you for this beautiful reminder of Jack’s love and generosity on this earth, and what a wonderful place he is in now.

  18. Vicki Dill Says:

    Sure wish I could find out how to get my 5 Will Cooper oil pictures appraised. Bought all on eBay when he was selling & blogging as Will Cooper. Miss them days s. R.I.P Jack!!!

  19. Monica and Myron Smith Says:

    Thank you for sharing these personal photos. He was a very special person. Happy Birthday to Jack!

  20. Jennifer Young Art Says:

    Hi Mikki- I was just catching up on your blog posts and this one popped out at me. I love these pictures and the beautiful memories you shared. I know you miss him so very much , but your love for each other shines through in this post. Sending lots of love and hugs!


    Jennifer Young; Vibrant Landscapes http://www.jenniferyoung.com 1-877-DIAL-ART (804) 677-6559 in VA On Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/jenniferyoungstudio

  21. Darrell Says:

    What a great guy he was and what a super gem you made! We will never forget Cap’n Jack. Love you! Phyllis and Darrell

  22. Chuck Bell Says:

    What a wonderful birthday and precious memories!😘💕 Much love, Chuck and Gloria Bell

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