VIGNETTES: Visual Melodies from My Heart is a new series of art pieces I’m doing exclusively for my eBay collectors. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but my paintbrush dances to the melodies of memories, playing in my heart. A vignette is a brief but inviting scene that leaves you wanting to experience more. These Original Oil Wash Vignette Drawings, based on sketches I made as Jack and I traveled the world, spill from the front of the canvas panel onto the sides. Enjoy the delight and excitement of the visual melodies singing from my brush, every time you view them in your home or office.

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Elegance of Assisi

The cathedral of Assisi is amazing! It’s difficult to imagine such intricate stonework was made by craftsmen without the assistance of today’s computers and cranes. We are so fortunate these beautiful old buildings have withstood the ravages of time; giving us a glimpse of elegance from hundreds of years ago. Please remember, if you’d like to enlarge any of the images to see them more clearly, just click on the picture.

All of these Vignettes measure 6 inches by 6 inches. And…..the bidding starts at ONLY A PENNY! Notice how the Oil Wash drawing continues over the edge, onto the side of the Cradled Panel. And you don’t have to worry about doing any framing! Each one already has the hanging wire attached. All you need is a hammer and nail!  

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The Art Show

Barcelona, Spain! Imagine Jack’s and my joy when we happened upon this Art Show in the small square, Placa Pi! I was fascinated by the two women, mother and daughter I think, going from booth to booth carefully examining each artist’s work. After viewing the art under every single umbrella, they made a choice. Happy smiles filled their faces! The art hanging on the panel was left blank intentionally so the viewer can use their imagination to contemplate what the art connoisseurs chose! An Abstract, Impressionistic Landscape or a Still Life??????? I’ll let you decide.

Jack took this photo of me sketching the fun!

If Barns Could Talk

Old barns surrounded by Bluebonnets, how Texas can you get! Seems like every time Jack and I came across a scene like this we’d wonder out loud, “What would that old barn say if it could talk? How many springs do you think this one saw? The families working there, children picking bluebonnet bouquets to take to their moms, generations growing up?” All wonderful memories!

The Vignettes are designed to hang individually or as a group. The auctions are scheduled to end 10 minutes apart so you can WIN ALL THREE! The pieces would retail for $300 each but to make it more exciting I’m starting the bid at ONLY A PENNY! That’s right 1 cent! 

CLICK HERE to go to the Auctions

The first auction ends on SUNDAY, March 19 at 8 PM Texas (Central) Time.


2 Responses to “Vignettes”

  1. bonita austin Says:

    I think I like the drawings just as much as the paintings. What talent! Having a real blizzard today. Praying we don’t lose the power/ Spring can’t come soon enough. This howling winds is giving me the willies

  2. Angelica Says:

    Oh…I love these Mikki! These “Vignettes” inspire the viewer to use their imagination and take the journey with you.

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