Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We’re back at the lake on this St. Patrick’s Day. How appropriate, I’m painting green! The distance point on the right is actually populated by several homes and condominiums. But…that’s the joy of painting, we’ll give Lelsi and Mike a private lake all of their own.

The one element we’re going to add is a huge cross where St. Paul the Apostle Church is. The Sanctuary buildings are hidden from view by the trees.

Now, highlights reflecting from the clouds above are brought down into the water.

We continue blocking in the water underneath the railing, carefully working around flower pots, chairs, table, glasses and bottle of wine.

Using my T-Square hooked over the top of the canvas I draw the uprights of the railing into the wet paint of the water behind. This piece is framed in our White Senkarik Signature Frame, so I can easily use the T-Square with worrying about the edge of the canvas having wet paint. This wouldn’t work if the piece was painted around the sides of the canvas, I’d have to delineate the rails freehand!

WHEW! The railing is done. We’ll tackle the table, chairs and floor in our next session.

But before I go I have some fun St. Patrick’s memories to share with you. Jack and I rescued Molly and Sissie from the shelter on March 17, 2011! So today is their 6th anniversary with us. This picture was taken just a few days after we got them home. What fun they’ve been and a huge comfort to me this past several months.

We lived in Las Vegas in 1994 and met a couple who became dear friends, Lola and Dave Wagonvoord. They owned KLAV, a radio station there. A few days before St. Patrick’s Lola called and said, “Meet me at the costume shop, we’re going to be in the parade!” So we got outfitted as leprechauns. 

We rode on the back airfoil of Dave’s race car, that’s him driving. Jack walked the whole route taking photos. I think he got the toughest part of the deal, but at least it wasn’t too hot! Later we discovered that was the very last parade down Fremont Street before it was closed off for the “Fremont Street Experience”! So we were history making leprechauns!

On the way home Jack and I stopped at Art Affair, a gallery that had commissioned him to do a series of golf course paintings. Jack said, “Go in and wish Ron a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. See if he recognizes you!” So I did. I was laughing as I came out….Ron never did figure out who the leprechaun was that came and gave him a hug. A week later Jack was meeting with him and Ron told him about his St. Patrick’s mystery. Jack about fell out of his chair laughing! Then he revealed the secret. Have to admit, it was fun being a red headed leprechaun for a day!


2 Responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Hilda Thurman Says:

    Sending much love and appreciation for your wonderful memories you share and beautiful detailed art work.
    I’m so glad you have all the pictures to remind you of the great times you’ve had with your husband, friends and kitty cats. Bless you dear one.
    You made a very pretty red headed leprechaun with a beautiful smile. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  2. Sheila Bobay McFather Says:

    You look good in red (hair)! 🙂 thanks for sharing the story, hilarious!

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