Layin’ Tile

Today we’re laying tile on the deck. But before we begin the heavy work I draw the heart shaped backs of the wrought iron chairs into the wet paint of the water behind them. 

The dark shadows are first established, leaving white canvas where sunlight will stream across the floor.

After the sun warmed portion of the satillo tile deck is painted, perspective lines are carefully pulled into the wet paint. I can’t use the mahl stick here. It would limit the movement of my arm and hand, making it impossible to draw straight lines.

Next horizontal crevices separating the tiles are delineated.

The tile decking is complete, chair seats are covered with mixes of Magenta + White and the terra cotta containers wait for plants. Several people have asked, “when do you sign your paintings?” I do that when the area I plan for the signature to be is freshly painted. In this piece it’s in the lower left corner, on the floor. If you’ll enlarge the picture by clicking on the image you can see. Thanks for following along. AND, please…..always feel free to ask questions. HUGS,

One Response to “Layin’ Tile”

  1. Angelica Says:

    This is so beautiful…I love the sunlight dancing across the tiles. The water is especially inviting and I love those shades of blues.

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