A Lazy Day at the Lake

Finishing the wine bottle and glasses are my first priority today. I had blocked in the glasses with far too much wine in them. Was easy enough to go back with some of the paint I’d saved from the water and make the change.

The red Geraniums POP against the soft greens in the background. The flowers were blocked in first with combinations of Cadmium Red Deep + Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Red Medium. The leaves are made of Pthalo Blue + Lemon Yellow.

Individual petals of the Geraniums are highlighted with Cadmium Red Light and some pinks left over from the Hibiscus.

Lesli remembers her grandmother growing Irises with deep purple throats. Like with the Day Lilies, I’ve painted the foliage of the Iris first. Then the lacy flowers are added by carefully “laying” the thick brush strokes of color on top of the background.

Sweet Potato Vine cascades out of the container, the heart shaped leaves bring a romantic touch. We had originally planned to have White Daisies planted with the Irises and Vine. But when I began blocking the flowers in I realized the White would totally take away from the clouds reflecting in the water. The painting wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic. 

I immediately make an executive decision to paint the Daisies with rusty red oranges and deep yellow oranges. I’ve added Cadmium Yellow Deep to some of the color mixes remaining from the Day Lilies. The centers are delineated in three steps. #1. A dark oval is placed with a mix of MUD + Liquin. #2. A dot of Cadmium Yellow Deep is then made, leaving enough dark to encircle the yellow. #3. A speck of the MUD + Liquin is pinpointed in the middle of the yellow! You can see this better if you’ll enlarge the picture, just click on the image.

A Lazy Day at the Lake      18″ x 24″

ALRIGHT! The reflections of the clouds sparkle on the rippling water of the lake. Selecting warm colors for the Daisies also increases the depth in the painting. That’s one of those simple “Jack” rules to give the impression of distance: Warm Colors Come Forward, Cool Colors Go Back! When Jack first started teaching me to paint he’d write all the little rules on bits of paper and tape them to my easel. Over time they became second nature to me. We’re done! Lesli and Mike can enjoy “A Lazy Day at the Lake” anytime they’d like at their city home. This has been fun, hope you’ve enjoyed following along as much as I have painting! HUGS, 


3 Responses to “A Lazy Day at the Lake”

  1. Deb Haney Says:


  2. Peggy and Leon Says:

    Beautiful! Hugs, Peggy

  3. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    WOW! I feel like I could take one step and be sitting at the table enjoying the day at the lake. Thank You again for a wonderful painting! May God Bless.

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