Garden EMS!

Spring has certainly arrived in our garden. We always get a few Amaryllis for decoration at Christmas. Then I plant them in the garden and they reward us with delightful blooms every spring. Over the years we’ve accumulated quite a collection. I took this shot the other evening. Please remember, as you read through my blog you may click on the pictures to see them larger.

Imagine my dismay the next morning when I discovered our lovely Amaryllis flattened to the ground. I finally figured that “Percy” our resident opossum had rolled in them. That little toot! 

Call the Garden EMS!!!! Just as I was about to cut them all off I remembered some stakes I’d saved and stashed away in our little barn. Might as well try to save our beautiful flowers, so I tied them up to supports and so far all is good!

The only bloom that had broken off entirely was put in a vase in our kitchen next to one of my Limited Originals. A hidden blessing, thanks to Percy I’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful Amaryllis in the house!

Just a few other shots of our garden I thought you’d enjoy. Redbud trees in the back yard are beginning to burst out in purple leaves.

Bluebonnets and the Rose Arbor in the kitchen garden are happily beginning to bloom!

Here’s the Rose Arbor on the other side of the studio. It should be entirely covered in pink in a couple of weeks.

Sitting on our back deck I can watch Mr. and Mrs. Chippers feeding while enjoying the music of water cascading from the fountain. The fence behind the feeder and fountain is covered in Star Jasmine. Blooms are just popping out and that delightful fragrance is amazing. Have a great day enjoying the awesomeness of God’s paintbrush! HUGS,

6 Responses to “Garden EMS!”

  1. bonnie austin Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how rapidly all the flowers and bushes filled in. Lovely yard. I’m jealous. We are having freezing rain and a bit of snow today. I know it’s spring in your neck of the woods. Enjoy and I will vicariously. Thanks.

  2. Betty Pieper Says:

    We have tried the amaryllis outside too with mixed success. Resourceful to try the stakes. They look good and it will discourage the nesting and rolling by intruders as well. Keep us posted!
    In the great northeast we have maples that start with ‘red buds’ before the green foliage unfurls. I take it that your trees are
    called redbuds?
    Glad to hear you are doing well. I did a painting of an empty
    blue chair years ago when our disabled son was on a vent and close to death so of course I see your two chairs and think of Jack, but I hear your peace and optimism and was glad for your enjoyment of our earthly pleasures.
    Betty Pieper

  3. Soloi Says:

    awww, I got those pest here also, but I deter them with crack clam shells, skewers, platic forks use them upside down, handle in the ground, that hurt their pwas never to return

    • Soli Says:

      awww, I got those pest here also, but I deter them with crack clam shells, skewers, platic forks use them upside down, handle in the ground, that hurt their pwas never to return

  4. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    So happy you were able to save the flowers. I have a couple of opossums that love to eat the dry cat food I put out for the feral cats. Unfortunately I don’t have beautiful plants like you do but I sure do enjoy seeing your beautiful gardens, plants and animals. I feel blessed that you are willing to share your gifts and talents with me. May God Bless.

  5. Jerry Taylor Says:

    Just wanted to tell you, that you are a blessing and I enjoy your posts so much.

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