More Vignettes!

I’ve listed a few more of my VIGNETTES: Visual Melodies from My Heart on eBay! I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but my paintbrush dances to the melodies of the memories playing in my heart. These Original Oil Wash Vignette Drawings, done exclusively for my eBay collectors, are based on sketches I made as Jack and I traveled the world.

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Years ago Jack came up with a way for me to do small pieces while having a larger painting on my easel! At that time I was working on a 6 foot by 8 foot painting. If you’d like to see CLICK HERE!

We’ll begin our journey today in the lovely beach side community of Carmel, California!

A Private Beach

Have you ever dreamed of living on the coast where you can open your windows at night to be lulled asleep by the sound of the surf? Enjoy your morning coffee sitting on the balcony, dazzled by the gleaming sea as you watch seagulls dipping and diving in the sky? Or open your back door to lazily descend the steps and wiggle your toes in the sand of your own Private Beach? ESCAPE the real world and do that every time you view A Private Beach on your home or office wall. 

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The drawing spills over the side of the 6 inch by 6 inch cradled panel. You don’t have to worry a bit about doing any framing! And…..the bidding starts at ONLY A PENNY! 

Now let’s go to Provence! 

Upon seeing the majestic Senanque Abbey nestled among lush lavender fields one immediately thinks of Provence! Working on this Vignette Drawing I could hear the buzz of bees floating from one flower to the next, the heady fragrance of lavender filled my senses.

Majestic Provence

Do you have someone special in your life who loves the Southern part of France? Majestic Provence would make a wonderful gift, allowing them to experience the joy of this magical region every day. Or maybe you’d like to take a magic carpet ride to bask in the warm sunshine of Provence each time you view it on your wall.

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All Tuckered Out!

Gardening is HARD WORK! This sweet baby has been helping his pet human weed and water. Whew! Our little kitty is All Tuckered Out! Snuggled next to the old beat up watering can and a crumpled gardening glove is the perfect place for a nice snooze!

Notice how the well-worn leather glove flops over the edge, onto the side of the 6 inch by 6 inch cradled panel. You can enlarge the image to see, just click on the picture. 

The Vignettes are designed to hang individually or as a group. No framing is necessary and all you need is a hammer and nail to put them up on your wall!  My auctions are scheduled to end 10 minutes apart so you can WIN ALL THREE! The pieces would retail for $300 each but to make it more exciting I’m starting the bid at ONLY A PENNY! That’s right 1 cent! 

CLICK HERE to go to the Auctions

The first auction ends on SUNDAY, April 2 at 8 PM Texas (Central) Time.


One Response to “More Vignettes!”

  1. Madhurima Nag Says:

    Just love your work. Every stroke of yours is perfect, as meant to be!

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