Harbingers of Spring


Work begins today on the Bluebonnets in the background. The petals are painted with mixes of Ultramarine Blue + Dioxazine Purple + White. A few strokes of Dioxazine Purple + White are applied here and there to mute the blue flowers, making them fall back.

Moving closer to the foreground the lighter, sunlit blossoms are made of pure Ultramarine Blue + White. This color is brighter than the mixtures used for the Bluebonnets behind so it will pop forward. 

White “Bonnets” are now added. The ones in the background are a mix of White + Ultramarine Blue while those in the sunlight are pure White. You may click on the image to see it larger.

Harbingers of Spring   14 inches by 14 inches

And that does it, we’re done! Our State Flower, Bluebonnets, are the Harbingers of Spring in Texas. When Texans begin to see these beautiful blue flowers we know our winter is OVER! YIPPEE!!!!!

Before I go today several of you asked about the board clamped across the top of my easel. I use it to hook my mahl stick on when painting pieces that will extend over the sides on a gallery wrap canvas. This way the mahl stick doesn’t hit the top edge of the canvas and scrape the paint off! I appreciate your questions and am always happy to answer. One of the main reasons I write this blog is to help my fellow artists. So ask away! With Colorful Smiles,

2 Responses to “Harbingers of Spring”

  1. lizmcqueensart Says:

    We don’t have these in our country, so I enjoyed your demo very much. They are beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Angelica Says:

    This is just gorgeous Mikki. I love the cheerful feeling I get when looking at your Blue Bonnets. Thanks for sharing with us. Someone will be very fortunate to hang this on their wall and enjoy year round.

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