Charlie the Raccoon

Lavender Salvia, painted with mixes of Dioxazine Purple + White cascades down the rock wall below the vines.

Next we start work on that cute fellow, Charlie. Combinations in various proportions of Burnt Umber + MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + White are used for his thick coat. 

The shadow side of his white face is blocked in with MUD + White and Ultramarine Blue + a tiny bit of Cadmium Orange + White. Pure White is reserved to highlight the sunlit portion of his face.

Now for his “Lone Ranger” mask! Please remember, you may click on this or any of the other pictures to see the image larger.

Charlie’s eyes get the “Jack White” touch. After painting the entire area of each eye with MUD a crescent of brown is made on the lower left portion of the iris. The sun is shining into the painting from the upper right. If it were coming from the opposite direction the crescent would be on the lower right part of the iris.

Pinpoint catch lights are placed at 1 o’clock.

Charlie is ready to go investigate the pots nestled among the flowers and rocks. My collector said he brings memories of when she was a little girl. Any time all the others went fishing or hunting, she and her dad would stay back looking for her “pet” raccoon, Charlie! With Colorful Smiles and Hugs,

2 Responses to “Charlie the Raccoon”

  1. Angelica Says:

    Well…you have a created quite a character while adding the details to Charlie. That “little lesson” on painting the eyes is terrific…thank you Mikki and Jack! The salvia is beautiful too!

  2. Terri El Farkh Says:

    I love that you are creating something not only beautiful but deeply personal for someone. I know she will cherish it.

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