Jeana and I had originally talked about Yellow Black Eyed Susans in the container by Charlie. But now that the Yellow-Gold Aspen in the background are finished I realize that won’t work. If we were to also have Yellow in the foreground our painting would not have any depth. The basic rule, Warm Colors Come Forward, Cool Colors Recede still works however. The Red-Orange Rudbeckia I’m planting here are warmer and brighter than the cooler Aspens in the distance. 

After dotting the centers in the Rudbeckia, I let the heart shaped leaves of a Sweet Potato Vine dangle out of the container.

Now for some fun details, Petroglyphs! 

Jack and I used to live in Long Boat Key, not far from where Jeana lives. Herons are everywhere in that part of Florida. We used to have one that was a regular visitor in our yard, I’d feed him strips of raw bacon. At feeding time he would bang on our glass door with his nose (beak). So we named him “Nosey”! I thought it would be fun to put him on the container below Charlie. Please remember, you may click on any of the images to see them larger.

Jeana loves Owls and I thought this ancient design was cool.

So an owl is etched on to the container next to Charlie.

Quail are special little birds. When we lived in Arizona a hen raised her brood in our back courtyard. After they grew up I’d throw bird feed out for them in the evenings and call “HERE QUAIL!” They would come running from all directions, the plumbs on their heads bobbing wildly! It brings a smile to my heart thinking of those sweet little babies galloping across the Arizona desert.

So we’ll have a hen and a couple of chicks parading across the gourd pot protected by Mr. Chippers.

Petroglyphs…..DONE! Next will be planting the flowers sprouting out of the rocky foreground. Hope you’ll come watch. But before we close for today I’d like to share a video with you. 

I’ve been working with a Chinese Discipleship Bible Study at our church, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran. I invited some of the group for tea in my garden yesterday. Fei surprised us with an impromptu singing performance. Though you’d enjoy this beautiful ancient love song from China! Listen closely at the end, you’ll hear a soft howling in the background. That’s MOLLY! She was sitting on the deck right behind us, singing along! Hugs,

5 Responses to “Petroglyphs”

  1. rpillai2012 Says:

    Thank you, the video was also beautiful!

  2. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    My sincere thanks for the beautiful song Fei sung. I was concentrating so hard I forgot to listen for Molly singing along and had to play it again. Thank you for sharing, it was a joy! My daughter went to China for 4 weeks to study with an acupuncture doctor in one of their large hospitals. She said it was a wonderful experience. May God Bless.

  3. bonita austin Says:

    Lovely video. Reminds me of my trip to China. I’m in love with the raccoon.

  4. Says:

    Gloria and I both love the petroglyphs in the pets😘

    Sent from my iPhone


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