The American Dream

Zishuai is a delightful young man who attends our Bible Study Group. As part of our Church’s Patriotic Celebration on July 2 he told of coming to America. When he landed in Chicago 5 years ago Zishuai couldn’t speak a word of English. Think of the courage that took! He chose to leave his family, country and everything that was familiar to him in order to pursue the “American Dream”! Zishuai is now studying Kinesiology in college and has joined the U.S. Army Reserves to proudly serve and protect his adopted country. He is working toward becoming a U.S. citizen and plans to stay here permanently.

Fei is the daughter of Bing, a Chinese doctor who is doing research at UTHSCSA. They are also members of the Bible Study Group I work with. Fei and Bing were Baptized together on Mother’s Day! Our sweet Fei took part in our Patriotic Celebration by singing “Jesus Loves Me” in both English and Chinese. The congregation was invited to join the third time which was in English again. Her mom recorded this video. I’m so proud of Fei, she was just accepted into the Northeast School of the Arts! Now she is on the way to pursuing her “American Dream”, becoming an actress and professional singer.

Min is also a doctor working in a research lab at UTHSCSA. Soon after arriving in America she had an aortic aneurism and almost died. Min’s recovery was long and arduous. She survived and attributes the miracle of her life to God and our American doctors. She received several transfusions while recovering. Min’s mother said, “My daughter has American blood. I’m very proud.” A few months ago Min had the opportunity to travel to Yellowstone National Park where she saw Bison for the very first time! She greatly appreciates the freedoms that all of us who’ve been born here take for granted. 

UPDATE! After reading my blog Min asked me to add the following, “That is true, me and all my families are deeply grateful to America. When the doctor told her about the blood transfusion of more than 5000 mL from American volunteers to save my life, my mother burst her words: great thanks to American people, and long live friendship between American and Chinese people. So Mikki, would you please also add this meaning? I think it will really help to express my gratitude to America, the great country, and her great people!” 

Bing, Fei, Min and I after the Patriotic Celebration. What an eye opener it is for me to listen to my friends talk about the restrictions and oppression they experience in their home country. Fei would have been forced to follow her mother’s and grandfather’s paths as doctors. Bing made many sacrifices to bring her daughter to America so Fei could do what she loves most, SING!

I thank Our Lord for allowing me to be born in the United States. Please take a moment today to think about how fortunate you are to be an American. Let’s also pray for all the men and women who make sacrifices to keep us safe, as well as those who ultimately gave their lives so we may live in this great country. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Happy 241st Birthday to our wonderful United States! I wish everyone a Happy 4th of July! HUGS,

8 Responses to “The American Dream”

  1. sotxgrannie Says:

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE TO THE INDEPENDENCE OF THIS GREAT NATION on it’s birthday celebration. Thank you for sharing.

  2. charlenemarshpainter Says:

    I, too, am very thankful to have been born in this great country, especially being a woman. Thanks to all the brave men and women who serve to protect our great country. May God bless and protect our leaders and give them the wisdom to make good decisions.

  3. Jason Says:

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Fran Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to pass this along. How blessed we are indeed. Happy Independence day to you!

  5. Steve Abramson Says:

    This is terrific thing you two are doing. Have a safe and Happy 4th

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  6. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    Like you, Mikki, I am Thankful to have been born and reared in the United States. There are so many people living here that do not appreciate the freedom and peace we have that a lot of countries do not have. We are blessed to have a Constitution and a Military that ensures us the peace and freedoms we take for granted. You are a terrific person and I am Thankful for you and all you do for those of us who would like to follow in your footsteps. Thank you! May God Bless.

  7. Says:

    BEAUTIFUL, Mikki! God bless you abundantly! With love, Marabel

  8. Rose Herczeg Says:

    Thank you for posting this heartfelt, loving story. I am blessed to know you. xox Rose

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