Barnyard Tussle


VIDEO DEMONSTRATION. When I walked up to the easel this morning I realized that as much as I loved the Jewel Tone Blue feathers on our Rooster’s chest, there is just TOO MUCH BLUE. I needed to change those iridescent feathers to Magenta. I almost backed out but could hear Jack’s voice in my mind saying, “Just do it!” SO… Nike, I just did it!

The long, curved tail or “Sickle” feathers are made with mixes of Pthalo Green + White, Pthalo Blue + White and Dioxazine Purple + White.

The “Saddle” is made of fine feathers draping over the Rooster’s back. These are painted with mixtures left over from the “Hackles” and “Cape”, or neck feathers.


VIDEO DEMONSTRATION. I also give a little peek at my painting set up in this video.

Here’s a different angle of my painting set up and how the large mirror is placed behind me. You may click on the image to see it larger. This allows me to easily turn and look at my piece in the mirror as I work. Seeing it reversed moves it from the painting side of your brain to the analytical side, making it easier to critique your own art. This is an essential tool for an artist! Jack discovered that Leonardo da Vinci used a mirror to critique his work! So he said, “If Leonardo used one, I’d better do it!”


Barnyard Tussle    24 inches by 30 inches

These colorful guys are ready to rock and roll on my collector’s wall. What a fun piece this has been to paint. AND…I really appreciate all of your wonderful comments. My readers are the BEST! Hugs, 


2 Responses to “Barnyard Tussle”

  1. Patricia Lynch Says:

    Thank you for your never ending love and appreciation of God and our country. I don’t comment often, but I constantly read everything that you send out. You are an amazing talent and a fabulous teacher! Thank you for all you do and all you share!!

  2. Rose Herczeg Says:

    I really enjoyed these painting videos of your process, and how you describe everything you do. This is helping me immensely. You share your secrets, giving many valuable tips along the way, and I love the stories about Jack. I know he is watching over you and I’m sure he is smiling big about this painting. The personality of the roosters and the action, the colors… all come from your heart, which is colorful, loving, compassionate, and full of life! So glad to know you! xoxo

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