Adding “HAPPY”

I first began working on my “Showstopper” for Our Annual Team Senkarik Collector Event several months ago. However, when I got the piece to this point I was not at all pleased with how it turned out. My “Billboard of Happiness” just didn’t have the “HAPPY”. Another problem, the title was “Echoes of the Mediterranean”. But the buildings in the distance blocked the star of the show….the beautiful azure water off the Tuscan coast! If you’d like to see this larger just click on the image.

So I removed the buildings to show more of the bluffs and water. Still……the hanging vines were blah and container on the right felt discombobulated, definitely not cheery; both had been a struggle to paint. So I decided to put the painting back for a while and give it a rest. Jack said many times, “What is happening in your soul will show up in your art.” Well, I’d been going through a tough spot and my sad heart missing that guy showed up in this painting. But I’m not telling you this to gain sympathy. As Jack would say, “It’s a teachable moment!” Let’s turn this around, revisit “Echoes of the Mediterranean” and add some HAPPY!

DEMONSTRATION VIDEO! We begin by letting the Tuscan Sun wash the beach and rocks.

The column in the middle ground seems awfully stark, so let’s place a couple of Ultramarine Blue containers at the base. I’ll come back and fill them with Geraniums.

I’ve warmed up the columns and decided to totally replant the container on the right, we need some zippy color here! After scraping the dry oil paint off with a single edge razor blade (I show how in the video above) the shadow side of the foreground column is repainted. 

Magenta Jasmine is painted over the Trumpet Vine cascading from the arch. My thought was to completely replace the original vine, but as I worked I liked the feeling of the two different flowers intertwined!

Twisting trunks are allowed to grow up the column on the left side, bringing additional interest to the area.

Sunlight splashes over the Geraniums planted in the distant blue containers, coming to rest on the Canna Lilies and Petunias in the foreground. NOW “Echoes of the Mediterranean” is HAPPY! The sound of waves crashing against the rocky shore of Tuscany echoes off the ancient walls and all of the containers reflect the beautiful azure color of the Mediterranean.

But the final test is to let you decide. Click on this image to see it enlarged and compare the two versions. What do you think? Have we accomplished our mission in adding HAPPY? Just remember, there is nothing wrong in falling down, it’s what you do after that’s important. One of Jack’s favorite “Whiteisms” was, “The only failure is in not getting up and making the very best out of the situation.” Thanks to all of you for following my blog and also for being there for me! With Appreciative HUGS, 

7 Responses to “Adding “HAPPY””

  1. Christopher Newell Says:

    Thank you for this at this time….changes good & not so good have made life a little bit of a challenge as of late. When stuff happens impeding my spiritual growth, I get antsy and get up and paint at 3 in the morning. It’s amazing what you can paint in your underwear and no one knows. Hugging Jack & you Mikki!

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Christopher, you’ve got me laughing! I’ve never painted at 3 in the morning but I’ve certainly planned A LOT of paintings in my mind at that time. But the absolute best thing I’ve found for the 3AM Heebie Jeebies is prayer. Even then there are times that’s difficult to do. I’m glad my post came at a good time for you. I’ll keep you in my prayers, Mikki

  2. Jeana Says:

    That’s so cool…both are beautiful but the final painting feels happier 😉

  3. Angel Says:

    Bill and I vote for painting 2. The new version takes us floating out to sea and that brings back good memories…Makes US Happy! Thanks for taking us on the journey of your changes.

  4. fashopolitan Says:

    beautiful work!!!

  5. Alice Cox Says:

    This is an excellent tutorial on how to improve the mood and composition of a painting. The second version is definitely happy and leads the viewer to the distant sea. Thank you, Mikki!

  6. Art blog Says:

    Your painting was beautiful but wow its even more beautiful now.💚💛💜

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