Surprise Commission

Now I can show you the GIFT painting I did for my collector’s wife in honor of a very important occasion in their life. Mallorca and Valencia, Spain are places that hold a special spot in their hearts. So both are going to be incorporated in the piece. A Valencia Orange Tree in the planter by the door and the coastline of Mallorca in the distance.

Work on the canvas begins by sketching the basic architectural elements with a brush dipped in a thin oil wash of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin.

Wall planters hang on either side of the door, the Valencia Orange in its container nestles close to the door step. Then I move to the fountain on the opposite side of the courtyard. After drawing the top of the fountain I realize the base needs to be a bit larger, so it is expanded to the left.

Brick will be inlaid on the arches over the door and courtyard opening. 

We’re way up on the side of the mountain with a great view, looking out over the vista of the Mallorcan coast! We’ll start painting in our next session, hope you’ll come watch. I’ll even have some VIDEO Demonstrations! If you would like to receive an email every time I publish a new post please feel free to subscribe to my blog. CLICK THIS LINK and scroll to the upper right side of the page. You will see a heading EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Just enter your email address and click the button “Sign me up!”  It’s easy. And if you enjoy my blog please CLICK the FaceBook LIKE Button. As we say in Texas, “Much Obliged!

4 Responses to “Surprise Commission”

  1. Emma Says:

    Where do you get the vision to draw these beautiful scenes? Do you have reference photos? I would have no clue how to start…Love your art..

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Emma, Jack and I have taken reference photos ever since we got together in 1990. At that time we took slides, now with digital files storage and viewing is so much easier. Plus, if I want to paint an area we’ve never visited I can travel the world on Google Images. But you can’t copy them as they are copyrighted. But you can certainly use them for ideas and local flavor. This blog may help you see how I put ideas together to start a painting:
      Thank you for following my blog! HUGS, Mikki

  2. Rose Herczeg Says:

    Mikki, I can imagine that coming up with the beautiful drawing is as exciting as painting it! I can’t wait to see the process! Love, Rose

  3. Phyllis Hilley Says:

    As always, you continue to amaze and delight with your art!

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