Let’s all get together and pray for the many people in California who are facing such awful fires. Fear and unrest fills your heart when you have to quickly evacuate your home and all you’ve worked very hard for; not knowing what you’ll find upon your return. So many families have lost their homes, and even worse, loved ones. I’ve heard from a few collectors of mine who have lost everything and are living in shelters. For how long? They don’t have a clue. Pray for Our Lord to calm His frightened children, giving them the strength and courage to face this huge upheaval in their lives. In Him,

11 Responses to “FIRE!”

  1. Dwight & Laurie Patterson Says:

    Nice, I have been doing just that.

  2. Deb Haney Says:

    So heartbreaking, definitely praying…..

  3. Rose Herczeg Says:

    I’m right there with you in round the clock prayers. I know God sees the whole picture where we can only see what’s in front of us. May He comfort those with His presence and give guidance and healing in the days to come.

  4. Marti Says:


  5. Laura Regan Cella Says:

    The power of prayer is amazing! I personally know people in the Napa valley who have lost everything….except for their lives and their faith! The prayers that everyone are sending to the people devastated by these fires are the foundation for the rebuilding of so many homes and businesses!

  6. ana guerra Says:

    I have the people in the Calif fires and the people in Puerto Rico in my prayers. I have family in Puerto Rico and I just heard that they are ok. But the Island is devastated.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Dear Ana, I’m so thankful your family is safe. I know you are so relieved. I’ll keep you and your family, as well as those people in Puerto Rico, in my prayers. HUGS, Mikki

  7. Gina Wood Says:

    Thank you Mikki for your thoughtfulness, kindness and beautiful prayer.

    Gina Wood

    “And do everything with love.” 1Corinthians 16:14


  8. Barbara Says:

    You are so kind and caring . I couldn’t agree more . Prayers to all those affected and their loved ones by all the devasting fires and hurricanes. May god hold all in the palm of his hand .

  9. janet21047 Says:

    The fires are a terrible happening BUT fire cleanses the earth and fire is beautiful. It’s like a two edged sword. Destructive​ yet beautiful.

  10. Regina M Ciesla Says:

    I am with you in prayer for all who have faced these disasters all over the world.

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