Fond Memories

California Poppies pop up, here and there in the field of Bluebonnets. The intense red-orange blossoms are made with mixes of Cadmium Orange + Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Red Light and pure Cadmium Orange. I gently “Lay” the thickly textured brushstrokes on top of the underlying blues and greens. I don’t want my brush to pick up any of the color underneath, muddying the bright flowers.

After delineating the deep centers of the Poppies I come back with my fine liner brush to add stems and sunlit leaves to the foliage.

The white caps of the Bluebonnets are now made. Pure White is used for those flowers in the foreground so they will come forward. The ones further in the distance are a mix of White + Ultramarine Blue which makes them recede.

Work begins on the rocky stream bed. Mixes of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Cadmium Orange + Ultramarine Blue + White are used. A bit of Pthalo Blue is added to some to the mixtures for a little variety. Mr. Chippers, a male Cardinal, perches on one of the large rocks in the foreground.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Waterfalls

Penstemon grows on the rocks in the lower left. The foliage is painted first, opposite from my usual sequence of blocking in the flowers to begin. But since these tall blossoms tower above the foliage it’s easier to rough in the leaves first.

The spiky blossoms are now painted with Cadmium Red Deep, Cadmium Red Medium and Cadmium Red Light. Again, the paint is lightly “Laid” on top of the background color. I clean my brush between each stroke of the flower petals to insure the red blossoms remain bright and crisp.

The yellow Coreopsis is blocked in following my regular order of “Flowers First, Leaves Last”.

Momma Mrs. Chippers hunts for stray seeds below the Penstemon. You have to look closely for her, she blends in with the rocks. Just click on the image if you’d like to see it larger.

Fond Memories     20″ x 24″

“Fond Memories” is complete! I’m ready to go sit in one of those turquoise Adirondack chairs and enjoy the pretty spring day. Listen closely…..can you hear the splash of the cascading water and the chip, chip, chip of the Cardinals? I appreciate you following along, please feel free to ask questions! With Colorful Smiles and Hugs,

One Response to “Fond Memories”

  1. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    WOW! Another masterpiece! I can see myself living in a wonderful place like this. Thank you for all you do to help “wanabe” artists like myself. May God Bless.

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