Prayers Needed

Just got this message in an email from Elaine Kolodziej. She is the dear friend of ours who spoke at Jack’s Memorial. They own the newspapers in Wilson County where Sutherland Springs is located. She knew everyone who was killed or injured in the shooting.

 “Today is the funeral for the Holcombe family. John Holcombe is burying his parents, his wife and four children, brother and his brother’s daughter. 😦   I can’t imagine … Elaine”


Please keep John Holcombe in your prayers. Like Elaine, I can’t even begin to imagine what he is going through. And how shattered his life is. I pray Our Lord wraps him in His loving arms, giving him peace, comfort and the will to continue. May God bless him with the strength and courage to face the path ahead of him. We can’t understand, we can only Trust in God. This certainly makes our little issues seem extremely insignificant. Thank you with all of my heart,


16 Responses to “Prayers Needed”

  1. ana guerra Says:

    This is so very sad. I can’t imagine going through something like that. All we can do is pray that the Lord continues to give him strength. I will pray for his for Mr. Holcombe.

  2. Gentlehawk Says:

    Sending light and love…..peace

  3. Sandra Cutrer Says:

    This is beyond comprehension. I hope you don’t mind, but I posted this on my Facebook page. I know what it’s like to lose my daughter and my mother in the same year, but I can’t even come close to the grief this man must be feeling today, and every day since this happened. God give him comfort, mercy, and the peace that only Jesus can give which is totally beyond anything that we can say or so.

  4. Randy Hansen Says:

    God please bless him and comfort him and everyone else.

  5. Phyllis Warmack Snyder Says:


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    Phyllis Snyder

  6. charlenemarshpainter Says:

    Prayers for Mr. Holcombe, his family, and everyone impacted by this tragedy. Heartbreaking.

  7. Fran Says:

    This is heart-wrenching! In addition to prayers, there is a fund set up for this family…

  8. Elizabeth Pollio Says:

    Oh Mikki this is exactly why my trust and faith fail mine. How on earth could a loving god allow this to happen. This is beyond heart breaking

    Elizabeth pollio sent from my iPad


  9. eatonartgallery Says:

    How sad. Thank you for sharing this. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. My prayers are with them. – K

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  10. Connie Rodriguez Says:

    Oh, how very sad… my heart and prayers go out to them.

    Blessings, Connie Sent from my iPad


  11. Rose Herczeg Says:

    Keeping Mr. Holcombe in my thoughts and prayers, as well as all the other victims’ families. Such a tragedy. 😦 Thank you for posting this, Mikki.

  12. Saartjie van den Bergh Says:

    Dear Mikki,

    This is so heartbreaking!! We don’t understand all of this, but I prayed for John!! I cannot imagine his hurt and pain! And it is all so unnecessary. In our country (South Africa) people, especially our farmer get murdered and those are the people who put food on our tables. BUT GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL AND THAT WE MUST ALWAYS BELIEVE AND HOLD ON TOO!

    God bless

    Saartjie van den Bergh 082 324 9069 011 4255701 “Soar like an eagle, higher and higher”


  13. esmeralda.theron Says:

    We will pray for them . Xx

    Sent from Samsung tablet.

  14. Renuka Says:

    Praying…God bless the families

  15. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    Thank you Mikki for letting your followers like me who don’t watch nor listen to the news add our prayers with others that care. May God Bless.

  16. evangelist chilavert nmezi Says:

    God is already in control

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