Beautiful in Bluebonnets



VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Blocking in Quinn’s face

Before doing any more work on Quinn’s face I move to her hand. Bracing against the mahl stick steadies my brush as I paint her tiny fingers.

Now for her left arm and the hand holding the yellow Coreopsis. You may click on this or any of the other images to view enlargements.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting Quinn’s Eyes

The mahl stick comes in handy again as I delineate the line of her lower jaw and chin.

Placing the painted image next to the photograph in Adobe Photoshop enables me to see what details I need to correct to achieve a complete likeness. I’m almost there, just a few minor tweaks…..

Beautiful in Bluebonnets      14″ x 14″

And we’re done. Our pretty little Quinn is “Beautiful in Bluebonnets”! I appreciate you following along. Here’s a special thank you to everyone for your prayers for the Sutherland Springs victims. God Bless You! HUGS,



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