I’M SO EXCITED, I’ve had a new visitor showing up at our bird feeder the last several months. At first I didn’t realize this fella was a tiny bit different. But then I noticed he wasn’t our regular Mr. Chippers. So why all the hubbub about another Cardinal? WELL……

This guy only has one leg! I’ve been trying to snap a picture of him while he’s at the feeder but he’s extremely cautious and just too skittish. A survival technique, I’m sure. However, I can step out of his sight at the kitchen window and watch him feed. His left leg is just a stump, it’s amazing how he balances on his right leg. His habits are different from Mr. Chippers but God has taken care of him; he’s adapted. I’ve decided to call this plucky little guy, “Brave Heart”.

The newest member of my wild menagerie is a wonderful reminder of how God gives us the strength to adapt. Every one of us has had situations or circumstances out of our control, that have changed our lives drastically. As Jack would say, “We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it”. And helping us to react positively and move forward with joy are the amazing people Our Lord puts in our lives. I want to say how thankful I am for you! I appreciate your kind and encouraging comments.

SO HAPPY VALENTINE’S to ALL! With Colorful Smiles and Big Hugs,


7 Responses to “BRAVE HEART”

  1. Patricia Louise Lynch Says:

    I love this, Mikki! I don’t post many comments, but your artwork and your love of God are the most beautiful gifts. How I treasure just opening your posts every day! Your words are filled with love and light. Your art is the same! Thank you for your precious spirit and your open love of our Lord. You are a blessing every day of the year!! Patti

  2. Sandra Cutrer Says:

    Thank you for such a timely post. I really needed this reminder. Struggling at times to get through the pain of such drastic changes in my life.❤️

  3. Simon MARTIN Says:

    Thank you for sharing this nice story of your “wild menagerie”… in the Bible in Matthieu 6 -26… Jesus says ” Are ye not much better than they (birds)?” I’m very happy that you (like me) we expect Jesus Christ! Have a good day and continue to show us beautiful paintings. Simon Martin from France. (on FB: Esse Eme)

  4. Bonnie Says:

    The same back to you. I look at your paintings every day and they are so cheering that they help me get through the day, Take care of that little bird. He/she needs love too!

  5. Christopher Newell Says:

    Good morning sweet Lady. Happy Heart ♥️ day and be good to yourself today. Hugs of Epic proportions🤗

  6. Ann Says:

    Thanks so much for the story! I to need reminders like that! I have been enjoying your emails and love love your paintings! I’m a farm gal from central Kansas😘

  7. Katie Longtin Says:

    A beautiful Valentine story – from a red bird.  Thank you for sharing so much with us. Your brighten our days!  Happy Valentines Day, Katie

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