My garden is looking really bare. I’ve gotten everything pruned and mulched. Am SO ready for ‘ol Man Winter to head far, far away and make room for our beautiful Texas spring.

Well, imagine my surprise as I walked through on my morning inspection and noticed tiny buds, as well as an actual FLOWER on Rosie, our Texas Redbud Tree. She’s the middle one in the top picture. Pinky, on the left, and Ruby are Forest Pansy Redbud Trees. They bud out later which gives us a longer blooming period. Spring is beginning to SPRINGGGGGGG in our part of the world. My heart goes out to those of you still frozen solid up in the north. To see Rosie’s first blossom of 2018 enlarged just click on the image. 

OK, back to work. I’m working on the interior courtyard. After painting the stone wall with mixes of White + Cadmium Orange  + a tiny bit of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) I move to the shutters. They are made of combinations of Viridian Green + Pthalo Blue + White. I like the variations in the brushstrokes, makes them appear to be old and weathered.

The heart shaped backs of the wrought iron chairs are pulled into the wet paint of the background wall. Bracing my wrist against the mahl stick steadies my hand as I draw with a brush dipped in a mix of MUD + Liquin.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Umbrella

My color mixes are ready for the tablecloths. #1. A mix of MUD + Liquin. #2. Four different shades of Cadmium Red Light + Alizarin Crimson + MUD + White. #3. A couple of mixes of White + Ultramarine Blue. #4. Pure White. #5. Three combinations of White + MUD + a tiny touch of Cadmium Orange.

The shadow areas of the white tablecloth are painted first with the darker mixes. Then I come back and finish the sunlit portion. Highlights are made with Pure White.

The Coral colored cloth is painted with the different shades of the #2 mixes. To make the highlights on the folds draping down at the corners, the brush is pulled straight up from the bottom edge of the cloth.

An Italian tile floor completes our hidden courtyard! I appreciate you following along. Please feel free to ask questions, I’m always happy to answer them. BIG HUGS,

3 Responses to “SPRING! AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

  1. ana guerra Says:

    Happy Spring Mikki

  2. Terri El Farkh Says:

    How clever to paint from the water looking into to a cafe. We honeymooned in Venice..I can’t wait to see this one finished! I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast and it has been in the 80’s here. Spring starts early here. Red buds, Carolina Jasmine and Japanese Magnolias are in full bloom. 🌸

  3. Esme Says:

    It is so beautifull so far

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