In Honor of Jack White

“Jack’s Place”

Spring in the Lone Star State is delightful; God paints the Texas Hill Country in a cornucopia of beautiful colors. Because the show varies from year to year we Texans tend to record time by the best wildflower displays. 2010 was SPECTACULAR! Jack and I lived in Floresville that spring; each afternoon we would clean our brushes early and hop in the car, armed with cameras. We’d drive the tiny back roads, exclaiming with joy at the beauty of Our Lord’s tapestry covering the rolling hills. One day we came around a corner and screeched to a halt, frozen in awe. The scene before us was breathtaking. Neither of us could speak, Jack reached across the center console and gently took my hand. We sat speechless for minutes, overcome by God’s masterful combination of complimentary hues. Birds sang in the trees; the breeze gently swayed the brilliant blossoms. When our jaws finally unlocked we conversed in whispers; afraid we’d disrupt the spell if we spoke too loudly. We instantly agreed, this was the BEST of the Best wildflowers we’d ever experienced.

Occasionally, during Jack’s and my 26 years together he’d say, “When God takes me Home I want you to give my ashes back to the Texas soil in a field of bluebonnets.” That spot, the one we felt was Our Lord’s BEST of the Best, is commemorated in my original oil painting, “Jack’s Place”. Jack taught me to paint and then set his stellar career aside to promote mine. This piece is my tribute to Jack White; my dearest friend, mentor and the love of my life.

“Jack’s Place” with frame

Baylor Hall of Fame Football Coach Grant Teaff was like a brother to Jack. He and I have decided to auction “Jack’s Place” to start a JACK WHITE CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP to honor Jack’s memory for years to come at his Alma Mater, Howard Payne University. It was at Howard Payne, as a student, that Jack first recognized his gift for art. Through hard work and determination he matured into a Master Oil Painter. Painting portraits of such notables as President Lyndon Johnson, McDonald’s Founder Ray Kroc, Pro Basketball Star Julius “Dr. J” Irvin and Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Tom Landry, Jack was awarded the title of State Artist of Texas in 1975.

I will donate the ENTIRE PROCEEDS of this auction, less eBay and PayPal fees, to the JACK WHITE CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP. The Scholarship will provide financial assistance to further a deserving student’s education in Fine Art. Candidates for the Award must exhibit and exemplify outstanding Christian moral character, a strong work ethic, the desire to pursue a career in Fine Art, academic achievement, leadership, friendship, compassion and the ability to set, as well as reach, realistically high goals.

The painted image of “Jack’s Place” measures 24″ x 30″ and is framed in our Senkarik-White Signature Frame, the outside dimension is 30″ tall x 36″ wide. The regular price for this painting is $3,290. BUT to make it extra fun we are starting the bid at ONLY A PENNY. That’s right, you can jump in right now and claim ownership of “Jack’s Place” for ONE CENT.

CLICK HERE to go directly to the eBay Auction

Randy Yeakley at Howard Payne University has partnered with us to provide an avenue for you to donate directly to the JACK WHITE CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP Fund. CLICK HERE to make your TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFT to recognize Jack’s life and generosity through the JACK WHITE CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP. You may also call Randy at 325.998.7904 or email him:

At my gallery in Santa Fe in 2011

Our goal is to honor Jack White by funding this Award for perpetuity. Jack was the most generous person I’ve ever known. He felt we had been blessed by Our Lord to make a living celebrating God’s beauty through our art; one of his primary goals was to help other artists succeed. Jack wrote eight books on Marketing Art, sharing his amazing knowledge on how to become a successful artist. At the same time he encouraged, taught and mentored individual artists all over the world, FOR FREE. I believe Coach Teaff said it best:

“I have realized that Jack’s name will always be remembered because of his name on paintings and books. However, Jack’s life will continue to positively affect you and hundreds who have been privy to his teachings, wisdom and sincere love for all. Today, tomorrow and forever his influence will continue like the ripples caused when a pebble is dropped in smooth water. However, in Jack’s case, his life was a boulder.”

Let’s all pitch in to expand those ripples of Jack’s generosity even farther by supporting the JACK WHITE CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP. You have two options. Bid on the painting “Jack’s Place” for a chance to win this special piece for your home or office; I will donate the net proceeds to the JACK WHITE CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP. Or you may contribute directly: CLICK HERE to make your TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFT to continue Jack White’s legacy of giving.

Don’t linger, the auction ends on Jack’s Birthday, TUESDAY MARCH 6TH at 8PM Texas (Central) Time.

CLICK HERE to go directly to the eBay Auction

Words can’t even begin to express my heartfelt appreciation for your help in honoring “Our Jack White”. As he would say, “Much Obliged”!




5 Responses to “In Honor of Jack White”

  1. llamaland2 Says:

    What a beautiful tribute to Jack. He would be so proud of what you are doing for others.

  2. Peggy and Leon Says:

    What a beautiful tribute. So beautiful!.
    So generous.
    Leon and Peggy

  3. williamjosephjonesart Says:

    Wonderful story, thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Corie White Says:

    What a beautiful way to honor this great man.

  5. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    A beautiful tribute! May God Bless

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