Garden Kitty

We’re back in the garden with another sweet little kitty. And wouldn’t you know it, a hummingbird has also shown up. Imagine that! My basic plan was drawn up on the canvas with an oil wash of MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin. The rectangular flowerpot is Ultramarine Blue + Liquin, while the tall, spiky flowers have been washed in with Magenta + Liquin. OH! Don’t forget, you may click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Let’s get to painting. First of all, many of you have asked if I use acrylics or oils. I work exclusively in oil paint, I just don’t like acrylics. They dry far too quickly for me. Plus the colors don’t stay the same as when they are applied to the canvas, they darken as they dry. The wall has been covered with mixes of MUD + Cadmium Orange + a touch of Ultramarine Blue + White. Then the background is a soft grey green made of combinations in various proportions of Cadmium Orange + Pthalo Blue + a bit of MUD + White. I make certain to work carefully around the sketch of my kitten.

The top of the wall is lined with Saltillo tiles, a type of terra-cotta tile that originates in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. First, the light and shadow pattern is painted with mixtures of MUD + Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Red Light +  White. Then the lines separating the individual tiles are drawn with a fine liner brush dipped in a mix of MUD + Liquin.

Fragrant Nasturtiums tumble out of the blue container. The fragrant flowers are blocked in with mixes of Cadmium Red Deep + Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Red Light + Cadmium Orange and pure Cadmium Orange.

Mixtures of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Yellow Medium are used for the silver dollar shaped leaves.

The final touch on the Nasturtiums is adding the deep centers with Magenta + Liquin. Hope you come back and visit our studio again soon! If you would like to receive an email every time I publish a new post please feel free to subscribe to my blog. CLICK THIS LINK and scroll to the upper right side of the page. You will see a heading EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Just enter your email address and click the button “Sign me up!”  It’s easy.

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One Response to “Garden Kitty”

  1. roseherczeg Says:

    So beautiful! Glad you are back at the easel 🙂 Hugs! xo

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