Magical Monarchs


The cheery Sunflowers are first painted with mixes of Cadmium Yellow Medium + Cadmium Orange + a touch of MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson), Cadmium Yellow Medium + Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Yellow Medium. Then the large centers are added with a combination of MUD + Liquin. You may click on this, or any of the other images to see them larger.

The petals of the Sunflowers illuminated by the sun are highlighted with Cadmium Yellow Medium + Lemon Yellow. Moving to the Lilies, I begin blocking them in with mixtures of Cadmium Orange + Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Red Light and pure Cadmium Orange. The deep centers are drawn in with Alizarin Crimson + Liquin.

Flowers are done, let’s start on the kitty next…….

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Blocking in the Kitten

Magical Monarchs

Our sweet little kitty is absolutely enchanted by the Magical Monarchs fluttering above the colorful flowers! I appreciate you following my blog and thank you for all of your kind comments. My readers are the Best! HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


4 Responses to “Magical Monarchs”

  1. wafaa Darwiecheh Says:

    Sooo beautiful, as usual. Thank you Mikki.

  2. rpillai2012 Says:

    Wow! Such an amazing painting! Best, Mikki

  3. PierceClarkArt Says:


    Again, your paintings have moved into another realm. They are especially stunning!

    Have a blessed day! Donna

    Sent from my iPhone


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