Marge’s Wishing Well


VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Sleeping Kitty

Since this is for an anniversary gift a vine with Heart-Shaped leaves is allowed to tumble over the roof of the wishing well. The leaves and their shadows bring a touch of romance to the special piece.

The weathered stones are painted with mixes of Ultramarine Blue + Cadmium Orange + White. The crevices between them are made with MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin.

Yellow Coreopsis fill the container by the red gate. The juxtaposition of Yellow flowers, Red gate and Turquoise Blue watering can provide a blast of cheerful Primary Color.

Monarch Butterflies dance around the cluster of Coreopsis. You may click on the image to see it larger.

Geraniums are planted in the terra cotta containers. Then the Salvia, hugging the base of the well, is painted with Magenta + Dioxazine Purple + White and Magenta + White. The foliage is Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + White.

“Marge’s Wishing Well”    11 inches by 11 inches

Hollyhocks, made of Permanent Rose + White, finish out “Marge’s Wishing Well”. From what her husband said she was very surprised and overjoyed with her anniversary present! If you would like to commission a special painting as a gift please feel free to contact me in the comments section! I love collaborating on surprises! And I promise, I can keep a secret! HUGS,

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One Response to “Marge’s Wishing Well”

  1. mjspringett Says:

    Love the wishing well, lovely work, thanks

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