Behind the Poppies

The canvas is now taped, it was a challenge to work around the flowers where they break into the frame! The tape job isn’t real pretty but as long as it is well stuck, masks off the frame and keeps it clean we are good to go. When the painting is complete the tape will be pulled off and thrown away so who cares what it looks like now? Please remember, as you read through my blog you may click on any of the images to see them larger.

My colors for the background are mixed. All are combinations, in various proportions, of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + White. They are numbered in order of darkness, #1 being the darkest and #5 the lightest.

I begin with the darkest mix, #1, in the upper right corner of the painting. Moving to the left I gradually start making a transition to #2.

Mixes #2 and #3 are used in the upper left corner.

The original painting, done in 1997, only had 2 of the California Poppy “Caps”. After we had shipped the painting to our gallery in the Napa Valley I always wished I’d put in 3. With 4 flowers and 3 “Caps” there will be 7 elements in the painting. Design wise it’s always better to have odd numbers. So I’m adding a third “Cap”, I hope Jenny doesn’t mind! Mixes #2 and #3 are used here.

The lower left corner is painted with the lightest mix, #5.

Once the background is complete I go ahead and sign the piece in the lower right corner. It’s much easier to do the calligraphy of my signature into the wet paint. It would be almost impossible to make smooth lines if the underlying paint was dry. My brush would skip and hop over the rough texture.

The extra background mixtures are saved on the left side of my palette. This way I won’t have to try to mix and match the paint if I need any when painting the flowers. The globs of color will be usable for several days. Thanks for following my blog and I really appreciate all of your wonderful comments! With Colorful Smiles,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


2 Responses to “Behind the Poppies”

  1. jayalakshmi yegnaswamy Says:


  2. Lynanne Badger Says:

    I love that you are adding another “Cap” as I, also, believe there is more balance in odd numbers. Can’t wait to see where you go from here! Love you girl!

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