Blocking in the Bluebonnets

Trees along the back of the field have been painted with various mixes of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + White. Cadmium Yellow Medium is added into those mixtures to make the large Live Oak at the right. Next some of the color from the sky is used to indicate the warm light dancing across the tops of the distant trees. You may click on the picture to see it larger!

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Blocking in the Bluebonnets


Now the Bluebonnets and their foliage are carefully worked around the Morning Glories that were previously washed in with mixes of Magenta + Liquin and Dioxazine Purple + Liquin.

The White tops of the Bluebonnets are added with mixes of White + Ultramarine Blue. The ones in the distance have more Blue in the mix, those closer to the Rooster are made Whiter. I don’t use any Pure White because the early morning light is very soft, the tops would be too bright.

The tops of the Bluebonnets peeking through the lower part of the Rooster’s tail are made even more muted. Juxtaposed next to the dark feathers they would POP out at the viewer if they were too light.

We’ll work on the Proud Rooster next! Come watch as I paint the colorful tail feathers, there will be a video!


One Response to “Blocking in the Bluebonnets”

  1. rpillai2012 Says:

    Wonderful work, beautiful painting!

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