LOVE is More Precious than GOLD

I received an email from Jeana when she saw the previous post. She loves how the painting is progressing but asked that I make the flowers on the arbor a deeper Burgundy and the chairs darker, more Navy Blue. I’ll be able to do that later, with glazes. The Sunflowers in the foreground are painted with warmer, brighter mixes than those by the arbor. I’ve used Cadmium Yellow Medium + MUD + Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow Medium and Cadmium Yellow Medium + Lemon Yellow for the cheery blossoms. I’m making 8 blossoms. The number 8 means “NEW BEGINNINGS” in the scriptures!

A pair of white Doves snuggle next to the mason jar filled with Sunflowers; the space between them forms a heart. To see this better, you may click on the image to enlarge the picture.

A wine barrel container occupies the lower left corner, it’s painted in the same manner as the coffee table.

Brandon and Kristie’s names, along with their wedding date, are etched into the metal bands holding the oak planks in place.

Next, the lower portion of the wine barrel is continued on to the bottom edge of the gallery wrap canvas.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Delphiniums


White Daisies nestle beside the Adirondack Chair. The shadows of the flowers are first blocked in with combinations of White + Ultramarine Blue, White + Dioxazine Purple and White + Pthalo Blue.

After the leaves are painted with several shades of Phtalo Blue + Cadmium Yellow Medium, the centers of the Daisies are added.

I had to wait a couple of days for the arbor flowers and chairs to dry enough to glaze. A thin Oil Wash of Alizarin Crimson + Magenta + Liquin was made to darken the roses. The Adirondack Chairs were glazed with Ultramarine Blue + Liquin. Digital photography makes the blue appear lighter and brighter than it really is, the chairs in the actual painting are quite a bit darker than this image. This has been a fun piece to design and paint, I loved adding all the special personal touches! I appreciate you following along! I’ll be working on another piece for my Annual Collector Event next, COME WATCH! HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


7 Responses to “LOVE is More Precious than GOLD”

  1. melaniefarmer2015 Says:

    Nice! I notice that you always wear gloves, wondering why that is. Melanie

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Thank you Melanie, I have VERY dry skin. Painting dries it out even more, so I use gloves. That way I don’t get those pesky, painful cracks at the corners of my fingernails! HAPPY PAINTING! Mikki

  2. Chuck Bell Says:

    You are amazing 🥰

  3. Jenny Says:

    I love all the special details 😉

  4. Fatima Says:

    Hello Mikki..It’s beautiful..By seeing this piece..I can imagine the love and bond Sir Jack shared with You..almost feels like you both are sitting right there and having cup of tea..wonderful gift for two people in love and heavenly bond!

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